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3 Great VPNs for Xbox in 2022

With so many VPN services to choose from, find the best VPN for yours Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S console can be difficult. After all, not all VPNs support the Xbox platform, not all offer competitive speeds, and only a few are capable of supporting video streaming. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve tested all the major VPN players and narrowed them down to the best VPN services that will give you extra privacy and security on your Xbox game console without slowing you down.

If you want to maintain connection speeds, bypass geo-blocking, protect yourself from a potential DDoS attack, and bypass bandwidth throttling, any VPN provider listed here will do all of that and more. All our recommendations for the best VPNs for the Xbox offering competitive speeds, are completely safe and support the Microsoft Xbox platform. These VPNs can also be used through any type of internet connection, such as a Wi-Fi router, Ethernet cable, or mobile hotspot. Here are our picks for the best VPNs for Xbox.

Remember that this is an evolving list. Check out this guide for the best Xbox One VPNs. Xbox Series X and S series because we’ll be updating it as new Xbox VPN options become available. In the meantime, for help getting started and running a VPN on your Xbox, check out how to set up a VPN on Xbox.

From the editorial office on February 9, 2022: The VPN industry has undergone significant changes in the last few months, with all three of our top VPN picks announcing major changes in corporate ownership. In December, ExpressVPN announced it has officially joined Kape Technologiesa company that already owns several other VPNs and does past privacy concerns have been raised. In February, NordVPN and Surfshark announced a merger of the two companiesbut will still run autonomously. We are in the process of re-evaluating all of our best picks in the light of these changes. We will update our reviews and, if necessary, our rankings to reflect this new competitive landscape.


IP address number: 30,000

Number of servers: Over 3,000 in 94 countries

Number of concurrent connections: 5

Cost: Three months free with the annual subscription

When you play, speed is key, right? ExpressVPN consistently beats major VPN providers in the industry in both our own speed tests and those of other review sites. Yes, this paid VPN service is more expensive than the other two gaming VPN options listed here, but for an extra dollar a month, you get blazing fast speeds, which is important when looking for the best VPN for Xbox One or any other Xbox device. Using any virtual private network can typically reduce your internet speed by half or more, but when we ran speed tests on ExpressVPN, we found it reduced overall internet speed by less than 2%. To get the most out of ExpressVPN, they recommend installing their app on your router or using a preconfigured router to access unlimited connections with a single subscription. Port forwarding can be done with the ExpressVPN router app to speed up your internet connection.

Like the other two providers on this list, ExpressVPN has no data cap and offers unlimited VPN server switching between a 100% RAM-disk network. This last part is a big security boost if you want nosy ISPs to stay out of your business. If that’s you, it’s also worth pointing out that ExpressVPN’s no-logging policy has been put to the test in 2017 when Turkish authorities asked VPN to hand over usage logs during an ambassador’s investigation. By keeping no logs, ExpressVPN had nothing to offer when its servers were hijacked.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN only offers five simultaneous connections, compared to NordVPN’s six and 10. IPVanish.

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IP address number: 5000

Number of servers: Over 5,200 in 62 countries

Number of concurrent connections: 6

Cost: $ 3.71 / month (68% discount) for a two-year plan

If you want a VPN client whose network connection won’t drop in the middle of your head, go for NordVPN. Known for its extensive, reliable VPN, solid VPN connectivity, the best internet sharing, and competitive speeds, NordVPN’s price-to-win ratio is now simply unbeatable, which is why it’s one of our best Xbox One VPNs.

While not as fast as ExpressVPN in our speed tests, NordVPN has only reduced our internet speed by a third, while most VPNs reduce it by half or more. However, Nord’s servers in Singapore have left every other VPN provider in the dust. To double your security, NordVPN provides the Double VPN feature included with NordVPN’s subscription package.

Despite the security breach submitted in 2019 NordVPN is also a strong bet on security. The limited nature of the breach, the quick call for a full network security audit, and the swift transition to change all network settings to RAM disk only (much more secure operation) have allowed it to maintain its reputation as a valuable tool for privacy-minded VPN users.

Like all of the VPNs listed here, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Disappearance of IP

IP address number: 40,000

Number of servers: Over 1,600 in 75 countries

Number of concurrent connections: 10

Costs: $ 3.75 / month (65% discount) on the annual plan

IPVanish has become more competitive in speed over the past year and outperforms other mid-range VPN services, becoming known as a solid, low-latency VPN provider with low ping times, solid functionality, unlimited bandwidth, and an extended international server network.

This VPN app uses less than half of ExpressVPN’s total servers, but about 10,000 more IP addresses to stay ahead of the race. Its fun, customizable interface allows you to choose the fastest VPN connection at any time to jump from country to country.

IPVanish came out of our review with fewer privacy ratings than the competitors above, but in order to bypass geo-blocked streaming services like Netflix, it didn’t cause us any problems. Perhaps best of all, IPVanish VPN offers unlimited simultaneous connections on its primary account. The more the better.

Read our IPVanish review.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the best VPN for Xbox?

  • ExpressVPN received the topwatchbest Editors’ Choice Award for Best Overall VPN. We rank VPNs based on their overall performance in three main categories: speed, security, and price. Express is not the cheapest one, but it is one of the fastest and safest so far. (Please note that we are currently re-evaluating ExpressVPN based on the news mentioned above.)
  • NordVPN he is a die-hard, heavy hitter. It has a huge network that is consistently faster and more secure, and is easily the most reliable service we’ve tested.
  • Disappearance of IPOur third choice offers competitive speeds and one of the best user interfaces, inviting you to delve deeper into the subject and learn about the mechanics behind this technology.

Why do you need a VPN on your Xbox?

Investing in a VPN to protect your Xbox privacy has many benefits: You can more easily join games on servers around the world, bypass geo-blocking restrictions on YouTube and Netflix content, and avoid any suspicious data restriction practices your ISP is trying to pull.

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