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Tighten Netflix parental controls.

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this the best streaming services for kids they offer tons of great movies, TV shows, and movies, but many are also aimed at older viewers. Disney Plus enters the territory of adult content and strengthens parental controls, Youtube offers parents new ways to limit what teens and teens can watch, and most streaming services have profiles made especially for children. Setting up a profile for a child on Netflix it’s a great place to start, but the platform has a lot more settings that parents may not know about.

As part of the Netflix Kids Experience service, your child’s profile is marked with a special logo to ensure that only age-appropriate shows and movies are displayed. But what if your family knows how to outsmart the kids’ system to watch what they want? While you can turn on parental controls on your devices when it comes to streaming, Netflix has several tools available to help you manage what they see and do.


Assign maturity levels

While Netflix Kids activation is the most obvious choice to make sure your child is watching age-appropriate content, this profile includes curated titles selected for the 12-year-old crowd. Everything in the children’s profile is automatically rated no higher than PG. However, you can manually adjust these maturity ratings for each individual profile.

In a web browser, open the Netflix account page and go to Profile and parental controls Section. Select your child’s profile and click change under Viewing Restrictions. You’ll be prompted for your Netflix account password before going to the screen where you can edit the maturity ratings.

Select grade level up to NC-17. Click here Rescue. Note that if you want to include content rated higher than PG (including PG-13 and TV-14), the child’s profile badge will be removed for that user. On the other hand, here you can check the box to mark it as a profile for kids. The maturity rating will be lowered. Bonus? These settings also apply to Netflix games.

If you run into trouble converting your kids profile to a profile with a higher maturity rating, you may need to delete it and create a new profile.

Block specific TV shows and movies

Did you know you can block specific titles on specific profiles? Whether your child has a Child or Regular profile, parents can hide certain titles. Follow the same steps above and go to your account page, select your child’s profile and launch Viewing Restrictions Section.

Scroll down to where you see it Title restrictions for… And fill the field with the TV program or movie you want to block. Would you prefer your 13 year old not to watch? BridgertonProject X or Big Mouth? Add it to the list and the title will appear in red. Click “Save”. Blocked content will not appear on your child’s profile.

If you change your mind when they get older, you can go back and press “X” to remove the locked title from the list.

Lock your profiles with a PIN code

With many family members sharing one Netflix account, some clever kids know how to crack the censorship system. Instead of sticking to the rules, they will go over to someone else’s profile to watch what they want. By locking all profiles with a PIN, you can prevent this and stay one step ahead.

Access your account page from a web browser and scroll to Profile and parental controls settings. Click Change To Profile lockwhere you will be asked to enter your account password. Check the “Require PIN code to access the XYZ profile” box. Enter a four-digit PIN code.

If you are the primary owner of a Netflix account, you can also check the box indicating that a PIN is required to add new profiles. Click “Save”.

After you set up your profile PIN, you’ll have to enter it every time you open your profile on Netflix. But this feature can be used for all profiles in the account, regardless of age. In some cases, some unsupported devices will not ask for a PIN to unlock the profile; however, viewing the content on the profile is required.

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