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5 tips to make your Android phone feel like new again

Your Android phonelike your car, it needs regular maintenance to identify problems, prevent future problems and keep it running at its best.

For starters, you can keep the exterior of the phone cleanbecause you most likely bring it closer to your face every day. Dust, dirt and grime can quickly build up on charging ports and speakers, and this not only harms hygiene – it can also shorten the life of your smartphone.

But the most important thing is the maintenance under the hood, including phone settings that you may have never touched before.

An investment in just a few minutes can change yours Android phone into something that looks and feels new – at least until you are able to upgrade. Read on to find five simple tips for organizing, reorganizing, and customizing your Android phone to keep it in top condition.

Google Play Store on the phone screen

You can also uninstall applications using the Play Store.

Jason Cipriani / topwatchbest

Delete all forgotten apps

Take a few minutes to browse your Home screen or App Drawer and remove any apps you no longer use. These apps not only take up valuable memory, but potentially have access to personal data or permissions that you approved when you first launched the app.

The method of removing the app may differ depending on who created your device, but I’ve covered all the basics in this post. Read if you don’t see the uninstall option after long-pressing the app icon.

Files app on Pixel 3 and My Files on Galaxy S10 Plus.

Left: Files app on Pixel 3. Normal: My files on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / topwatchbest

Eliminate old files to free up space

After deleting old apps, free up more space by browsing files stored on your Android phone. It’s too easy to forget about all your randomly downloaded files – like a takeout menu from a new place nearby or a GIF sent by a friend. And these files add up. The fastest and easiest way to manage your phone’s memory is to use the pre-installed Files app.

In fact, some phones use a variation of the same application. On SAMSUNG, for example, it’s called My Files. On Pixel composition, it’s just Files. On OnePlus 10 Proit’s a File Manager – you understand.

I recommend opening the application drawer on your phone and reaching for “files”. Chances are, they will reveal what your phone manufacturer named the app.

Start by checking Files to download a folder where you can delete unnecessary files or move them anywhere google drive.

Most file handling apps also reveal large files stored on your device. For example, the OnePlus 10 Pro File Manager app has a dedicated section in the app for files that take up a lot of space.

Home screen on the phone

You have unlimited home screen design options.

Lexy Savvides / topwatchbest

Adjust your home screen settings to get a new look

One of the best parts of Android is how much you can customize the entire look of your phone. From installing app icon packs to completely replacing the launcher used by your phone, there are plenty of options to personalize your phone.

While you can definitely move on to tweaking launchers and installing app icons, start by delving into the home screen settings your phone already provides. I do this every now and then, and it’s surprising how subtle tweaks to aspects like app layout can make you feel like a brand new phone.

Press and hold an empty area on your home screen, and select Home settings (or some variation of it). This will open up the home screen options where you can adjust various settings.

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Settings such as application grid size. Moving from the 4×5 app grid to the 5×5 app grid may seem like a minor change, but this extra column can make a big difference (the same can be said for shrinking the grid).

You’ll also find settings here, such as swiping down from the home screen to view notifications, instead of swiping down from the top of the screen.

Review the appropriate phone settings and experiment with the home screen configuration.

Back of the phone

Device settings can be easily ignored, but they are important to get the right device.

Andrzej Hoyle / topwatchbest

Optimize device settings

Speaking of settings, now’s a good time to go through and change any settings that are annoying you. I have settings summary you will want to change and customize on any android phone to get the best out of it.

For example, enabling dark mode not only improves the appearance of the application, but also saves the battery. And yes, I even show you how to stop the automatic display of app icons on the home screen.

Permission Manager screen

Use the Permissions Manager to control which apps can access your data.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani / topwatchbest

Adjust your privacy options

Before you take a break, do yourself and your Android phone one last favor – double check your privacy settings.

To open it Settings application, and then tap Privacy > Permission manager. Browse each category to see which apps currently have access to which treasury of your personal data. Find an app that you don’t want access to your location? Turn it off. The same is true for contacts, calendar, and camera.

It doesn’t take long to get through each section, and even if it did, it’s well worth the effort.

Once you’re done tweaking your Android phone, check out these hidden features that you will surely love. Is also document scanner this facilitates the creation of digital copies of documents. And look at all the reasons why you should consider buying a Pixel phone.

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