8 Google Travel functions to help you plan your trip

Summer has officially come and travel season picked up. With that in mind, you’ll want to use Google Maps and Google Flights when you are planning your next trip.

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Here’s why: Google Flights can help you track prices for whatever dates you plan to fly out. Plus, if you’re going on a spring vacation trip and don’t know the airport very well, Google Maps can easily help you find something to eat or coffee there.

Read on and we’ll tell you more about how Google can help you keep your vacation running smoothly.

See how much your flight will cost on any day you plan to depart

May 2 Google announced a new feature that will allow you to find the best deals on flights to your destination. Now you can start tracking prices to find deals for any date, and Google will email you if it detects lower-than-typical prices in the next three to six months.

Just go to Google Flights in your browser and enter your destination. If you don’t have a specific travel date in mind, please select Any terms find the best deal.

Navigate through airports, malls, and transit stations

If you need to find a store quickly in a large mall, Google Maps is growing his Informant tab for all airports, shopping centers and transit stations. This can help as you run around the airport trying to find a place to eat or buy a last-minute souvenir before catching your plane. On the card, you will find the destination’s working hours and the floor where it is located. You can browse restaurants, shops, lounges, and parking lots.

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Find out how busy the restaurant is from Google Maps.

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Browse Google Maps to see how the seat is occupied

Google has added a new feature to its own Google Maps analysis tool. Already, you could search for a location such as a business to see a graph showing how crowded it is in real time. Now a new feature called Area Busyness allows you to see when entire areas of the map are clogged with people.

To take advantage of the new feature, open the Google Maps app on your Android device or iPhone (or in a browser on your computer) and navigate the map to find a general area, say downtown, a promenade, or a quaint nearby town. Busy information will now automatically appear on the map, so you don’t have to search for a place to see how crowded it is. For example, Google Maps may say “Area Occupied”, and when you click for more details, it may say, “As busy as possible”, for example.

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The immersive view in Google Maps shows the interior of the buildings


Track the route of your trip on Google Maps

Google Maps can display graphs of your travels, but it can also quickly view your flight, hotel, car rental, and restaurant reservations, so you don’t have to search your email for check-in times and confirmation numbers.

To view upcoming bookings:

1. On Google Maps, tap Saved in the bottom menu line.

2. Obtain Reservations. Here you’ll see a list of upcoming bookings you’ve made that Maps retrieved from Gmail emails.

3. Select an item to see more information about your booking, including date and location.

4. You can also search for “my reservations” in the Google Maps search field to see a list of reserved places.

Make restaurant reservations directly on Google Maps

Scheduling an evening dinner with a large group can be a hassle, especially when you are heading out into a busy time. Google Maps will help you book lunch or dinner. Here’s how.

1. In Maps, tap Restaurants at the top of the map for a list of places to eat.

2. Pick a restaurant that looks good and in the window that pops up, reserve a table or join the waiting list if you have the option (not everyone does).

Please note that you can use the busy function mentioned above to select the least crowded place. Also note that some restaurants that are closed for dining may still allow delivery, curb pickup, or outside seating.

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Let your friends and family know when you arrive by sharing your location.

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Use Google Maps offline

Are you going somewhere remotely where you may not be connected to the cellular network? Google Maps can still give you driving directions when you’re offline.

1. Before you set off, look for in Maps for the location where you want directions.

2. In the location window expand the menu on the bottom.

3. Scroll right on the tabs and tap Downloadand then tap in the next window Download again. The Maps application downloads a map of the selected area to your phone.

Now when you use Google Maps to get directions in the area for which you downloaded a map, when you lose your cellular connection, Maps will switch to an offline map to guide you. Note that because you are offline, Maps will not be able to offer real-time traffic information.

Find EV charging points and gas stations wherever you are

If you’re taking your electric car out for shopping, lunch, or vacation, Google Maps can help you find EV charging stations along your route, along with estimated time to wait for a charging port. You can also filter the search by connector type, e.g. J1772, CCS (Combo 1 or 2) and Tesla – to see only stations that are compatible with your electric vehicle. Note that you can also search for gas stations by following the same directions. (Here’s how you can save money on the pump.)

1. In Maps, scroll through the tabs at the top of the screen and tap More.

2. Scroll down to the Services section and select Charging electric vehicles.

3. The maps will show nearby charging stations and their number.

4. Touch it charging station on the map for Maps to add it as a stopover on your trip.

You can also use this trick to search for other places on your route, such as a coffee shop.

Share your location on Google Maps

Is there anything more frustrating in group activities than when the group splits up and no one can find each other? Google Maps can help bring everyone together.

1. In Google Maps, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner and tap Location sharing.

2. Obtain Share location and choose with whom you want to share your location and for how long you want to share it.

3. Obtain To shareand Google Maps will send your location to all the people you choose.

4. If you want to see the location of another person, tap that person’s icon at the top of the window, then tap Task.

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