Airbnb will offer free housing for 100,000 Ukrainian refugees


Airbnb will offer free short-term housing for refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

Angela Lang / topwatchbest

Airbnb will be they offer short-term housing for up to 100,000 refugees fleeing from Ukraine for free, the company said in a blog post on Monday. Temporary stays will be paid by Airbnb, the donors of the Refugee Fund, companies and hosts through

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, along with CEO Joe Gebbia and others, addressed letters to European leaders, including Poland, Germany, Hungary and Romania, offering support in welcoming refugees within their borders. Airbnb said it is working with governments to ensure longer stays and to best meet each country’s specific needs.

Russia has invaded Ukraine on Thursday after months of mounting tensions and failed diplomatic efforts. US President Joe Biden condemned the attacks, calling them “Brutal attack… without justification“. Over 500,000 people fled Ukraine to neighboring countries during military attacks, United Nations Refugee Agency said Monday.

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