Apparently, the Apple Watch Series 3 will be discontinued this year


Apple Watch Series 3 may be retired in 2022.

Sarah Tew / topwatchbest

After almost five years on the market, Apple Watch Series 3 reportedly will be discontinued later this year. According Monday tweet from Apple analyst Ming-Chi KuoSeries 3 will end in the fall as it may not meet the requirements of the upcoming WatchOS.

Apple typically presents the new version of its WatchOS in June at WWDC. WatchOS 9 is expected this year. The rumor also has it that the company is working on three new Apple Watch models, which are to follow last year’s Apple Watch Series 7. It is said to cover this Apple Watch Series 8Second-generation Apple Watch SE and a durable version of Apple Watch suitable for sports.

Apple did not immediately respond to topwatchbest’s request for comment.

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