Batman is not airing on HBO Max, sorry

Batman comes face to face with Catwoman with the city skyline behind them at sunset

Jonathan Olley / DC

The COVID-19 pandemic and its deep disruption to new movies sparked an unprecedented wave of cinematic films to air on streaming the same day they hit theaters. HBO Max in particular has become synonymous with practice.

So z Batman HBO Max is the first place people will look at. Not only was Max the most prolific streamer of the same day, he was also the base for other big DC Comics movies.

But the practice of same-day streaming has created a misleading hope among moviegoers when everyone new blockbuster movies in cinemas. Without any set standards for moving movies to streaming services, many people are curious when any movie hits the big screen, whether or not it’s streaming.

Is Batman available for streaming in HBO Max (or anywhere)?

Not. Batman will only be released in theaters this week.

Batman is distributed by Warner Bros. which is run by the same company as HBO Max. However, HBO Max has ended the practice of listing every Warner Bros. on HBO Max on the same day it hits theaters. While some movies may be released on the same day like this Max, Batman is not one of them.

HBO Max will be the first place Batman will eventually stream, but the company has yet to confirm a date. Overall, Warner Bros. movies they hit HBO Max about five months after their first theatrical premieres; if Batman follows this practice, he will be available to stream to Max around June, July, or August.

What about other movies that have recently hit theaters? Can I stream any of them?

Marry Me, a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, hit theaters last month around the same time she made her Peacock debut. Peacock is owned by Comcast NBCUniversal and Universal Pictures is a distributor for Marry Me. You’ll need to sign up for premium for $ 5 a month or $ 10 a month if you want to watch it or any of Peacock’s other paid shows.

Some other movies from a few months ago are still streaming on the services after they were also available on the same day as the theatrical premiere. It is broadcast Clifford, the Big Red Dog Paramount Pluswhich also requires a membership for $ 5 or $ 10 per month. And Peacock is also transmitting Halloween killswhere (like Marry Me) is for payment.

But almost every other movie that recently hit theaters was not available on the same-day streaming service.

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