Best 4K TV deals: $ 1,000 for TCL 6 Series, $ 800 for Samsung QLED, and more

While TVs with cutting-edge 8K resolution are constantly creeping into the market, they’re still on the way too expensive to be worth iteven after updating the image. These may not be feasible yet, but this next step in TV technology has one major advantage: it helps lower the price of non-8K TVs. Televisions with 4K resolution at the moment, the market is almost hemmed in, and aside from the cheapest of the cheap ones, almost every TV you come across now will come with 4K picture technology. This doesn’t mean all 4K TVs are created equal, and some models are much better value than others.

You can check our list the best 4K TVs for 2022 now. Below you will find the best deals on many of these models, as well as some comparable discount TVs that were too good not to be included. TV sales are frequent these days and great deals can come and go pretty quickly, so be sure to check back often to make sure you’re getting the best price available.


Featured both on our list the best 4K TVs and the best televisions total for 2022TCL for the series is currently our favorite budget-friendly option in the market Even at full price, The TCL 4 series is one of the best-priced televisions we have seen. For under $ 300, this 50-inch TV offers ultra-high definition 4K picture with HDR. It comes with a built-in version of the Roku, so you can access all of your favorite streaming apps right out of the box.


While this 65-inch Samsung is a bit more expensive than the other TVs on this list, that’s because it also has the best screen resolution among them. With mini-LED and full-range local dimmingthis Neo QLED had the best picture quality from all non-OLED TVs we’ve ever tested. In addition, it has a 120Hz refresh rate to reduce motion blur, and object tracking audio provides an incredibly immersive viewing experience.


Another of ours the highest elections for an affordable 4K TV, the Vizio V-Series supports Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 and comes with an active IQ processor that enhances the quality of non-4K content. It also comes with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay built in (which many other smart TVs don’t have), allowing you to stream and even mirror content from your phone or computer. Smaller The 50-inch model is also on sale for $ 60 at Walmart.


If you want to go all out, this exclusive Best Buy deal on this massive 75 inch TCL is one of the best values ​​you’ll find out there right now. Even without any discounts, we named the TCL 6 series the best 4K TV for the money. In addition to stunning 4K UHD images, it has a built-in microphone for hands-free voice control and Wi-Fi 6 support for lightning-fast operation.


Along with the growing Amazon offer smart devices and streaming sticksit’s only a matter of time before it starts production of own smart TVs. The Omni series is the more advanced of the two models and includes a microphone built directly into the TV and Alexa compatibility for true touchless control. With standard LEDs and direct backlighting, it won’t be the sharpest resolution on this list, but the convenience of voice control will be hard to achieve at this price point.


In truth, there’s nothing special about this 43-inch LG, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking for a decent 4K UHD image at a decent price, this model is a safe bet. It doesn’t have a built-in microphone, but it’s compatible with Amazon or Google smart devices and comes with pre-programmed picture settings that are optimized for different types of games. The larger models are also on sale on Amazon, but the 43-inch model has by far the biggest discount.


Samsung The Frame looks like no other TV these days. Its ultra-thin screen can be used as a display place for digital art, and the modern and stylish frame looks similar to a typical photo frame, making it a perfect match for your home decor. For just $ 5 per month, you can subscribe to the Samsung Art Store with access to over 1,400 works of art to display on your screen.


The Samsung Q60A made it to our list the best 4K TVs for 2022 as the best design and features you’ll find in a mid-range TV. In addition to the exceptionally elegant 1-inch frame, what makes this TV stand out is the unique solar powered remote control that is our the reviewer was impressed. It has a QLED display and is also compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa. While it’s not the highest image quality in its price range, the extra features make it good value for money, especially when you can buy it at a discount.

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