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A VPN, short for Virtual Private Networking, can help you maximize the security on your Windows device. It’s an easy way to keep your information secure and keep your online activity secret. The best VPN providers ensure their services will run hassle-free for anyone using Windows, thanks to Microsoft’s global operating system domination as an operating system and its relatively configurable operating environment. Until Mac operating system There are a few Apple-specific things to users to consider, finding a reliable VPN for Windows is much simpler. So, if Windows 10 or Windows 11 is your favorite operating system, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

All our top recommendations for Best VPNs for Use in 2022 are compatible with all currently maintained versions of Windowsand topwatchbest tested them for use on the latest operating system available. They all also offer a standalone VPN client that will run flawlessly on your computer. (They will probably work) Windows 11 also what is available now for eligible devices and will be rolled out by mid-2022. And if you haven’t already upgraded to Windows 10, you can do it for free.) In particular, I covered some basic factors in testing, including safety force, speed measurement, and cost value.

Check out our picks of the best VPNs for Windows, ranked according to their current performance across all categories. Once you’ve chosen the right VPN service, be sure to read our guide on how to set up a VPN in Windows 10.

From the editorial office on February 9, 2022: The VPN industry has undergone significant changes in the last few months, with all three of our top VPN picks announcing major changes in corporate ownership. In December, ExpressVPN announced that it has officially joined Kape Technologiesa company that already owns several other VPNs and does past privacy concerns have been raised. In February, NordVPN and Surfshark announced a merger of both companiesbut will still run autonomously. We are in the process of re-evaluating all of our best picks in the light of these changes. We will update our reviews and, if necessary, our rankings to reflect this new competitive landscape.

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ExpressVPN tells us that its network is powered by TrustedServer technology, which the VPN provider has built to ensure that you never have any logs of online user activity, giving you private internet access. In the privacy world, ExpressVPN has a lot of experience as it experienced a server takeover by authorities that proved its zero-logging policy was true at the time. I also like the quality of the VPN setup guides and the detailed information in its FAQ.

While its speeds consistently compete with formidable competitors, topwatchbest 2020 speed tests I saw ExpressVPN resulted in a total loss of 52% of normal internet speeds, a significant slowdown compared to the 2% speed loss in 2019.

Like the other top five VPN services, ExpressVPN offers a useful kill-switch security feature that prevents your network data from leaking outside your secure VPN tunnel in the event of a VPN connection failure. ExpressVPN also offers great DNS leak protection. However, unlike the others ExpressVPN I have earned points for supporting Bitcoin as a payment method – something that doesn’t offer all of my favorites, but adds an extra layer of privacy during checkout.

The VPN service provider has been in the market since 2009 and ExpressVPN has a sizeable network of high-speed VPN server locations in 94 countries. It’s the best VPN for online privacy protection, has best-in-class encryption, and gives you unlimited bandwidth. His best plan costs less than $ 7 a month for an annual package that includes three months for free.

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Until Surfshark the network is smaller than some, the VPN service makes up for it in features and connection speed. Let’s start with the biggest win it has to offer: unlimited device support. If you want to run your entire home or office on a Surfshark VPN, you don’t have to worry about how many devices you have plugged in or connected to. As part of its software, it also offers anti-malware, ad-blocking, and tracker-blocking.

And it’s fast. With over 3,200 servers in 65 countries, I lost less than 17% of my average internet speed during ours the latest speed tests. That’s faster than the 27% speed loss I’ve seen in previous tests, and it’s ahead of ExpressVPN to be the current leader in speed comparisons.

Surfshark has received high overall ratings while it is Chrome and Firefox extensions audited for privacy by the German security company Cure 53 (Link to the full report in PDF format) – although this audit was commissioned by Surfshark.

The company offers a wide range of application support for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Fire TV and routers. Additional devices such as game consoles can be configured for Surfshark using DNS settings. I especially like the feature that allows you to whitelist certain apps and websites to bypass VPNs automatically. This can be critical for some business applications.

Surfshark also offers three special modes designed for those who want to bypass restrictions and more accurately hide their footprints on the Internet. Camouflage mode masks your VPN activity, so your ISP doesn’t know you’re using a VPN. Multihop hops your internet connection through multiple countries to hide its trace. Finally, the NoBorders mode ‘makes it possible [you] use Surfshark effectively in restrictive regions ”. Just be careful. Doing any of these three things may be illegal in your country and may result in severe penalties. I didn’t notice a single IP address or DNS leak during testing, and there are no problems accessing Netflix.

Unlike many other VPN providers, Surfshark doesn’t offer an annual plan. His best offer is $ 2.30 per month for a two-year plan (you pay around $ 60 upfront). The six-month plan costs $ 6.49 per month (about $ 39 upfront) and the monthly plans are $ 12.95 per month. Definitely take advantage of its generous 30-day trial to decide if you like this VPN service (and if you go for the two-year plan, you can set a reminder in 23 months to see if you can talk it into a fixed discount rate).

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NordVPN is one of the most recognizable brands in the VPN industry. It offers a large number of simultaneous connections, with six simultaneous connections through its network where almost all other providers offer five or less. NordVPN also offers a dedicated IP option for those looking for a different level of VPN connection. NordVPN offers a kill switch feature and the ability to connect a VPN to Tor. During testing, I did not detect any privacy leaks.

In our the latest speed testsNordVPN’s performance was on par with many competitors, reducing speed by an average of 53% (which is slower than the 32% loss measured in previous speed tests). I found that NordVPN’s speeds were reliably fast. There have never been any sudden drops or service outages, and where I expected a VPN to not work, it has proven itself in the task.

Company A two-year VPN subscription costs $ 4.13 per month ($ 99 billed straight away). This price is lower than most rivals, but increases with the annual plan ($ 4.92 / month or $ 59 total) and the monthly plan ($ 11.95 / month). But it does have a full 30 day money back policy.

Although NordVPN has long been on this list, topwatchbest moved it to the penalty area in October 2019 to re-evaluate our recommendation after a report came out that one of the servers rented was access without authorization in 2018. After the discovery, Nord’s activities included – ultimately – multiple security audits, including error rewards program and heavier investments in server security.

Although I would prefer the Nord to disclose this much earlier, the fact that The breach was limited in nature and did not involve any user identification information was used to further verify that NordVPN does not keep any logs of user activity. As a result, Nord remains on this list as a recommended supplier.

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For more information, see our picks for the best cheap VPN and fastest VPN. Here’s why we recommend it avoiding free VPN and using a paid VPN whenever possible.

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