Create whatever you want with this discounted 3D printer and other accessories


Woot / Screenshot by topwatchbest

Forget blue and red glasses – if you want a true 3D experience, you need quality at an affordable price 3D printer. The freedom to have your own 3D printer means you can be clever and creative, building everything on your whim, from tools to cookie cutters to miniature models of your RPG character and much more. Right now, you can get whatever you need to get started with Woot Discounts. Reduce the price of the entry-level 3D printer by 25% and get big savings on accessories and filaments. But hurry up – this deal ends tonight.

For only $ 225 you can catch SainSmart BIQU B1 3D printer for itself, which includes an all-metal extruder and a double cooling fan. The printer even has a spring steel bed for better grip and easy removal of prints. It comes with a filament wear sensor and also helps you resume your print job exactly where it left off in case you make mistakes while learning. The responsive dual touch screen user interface makes setting up printouts hassle free. You can also customize the configuration with offers on set for automatic bed leveling and different filament colors. Check out everything available at the link above and create your own custom creations today.

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