Do not download the iOS 16 developer beta on your iPhone. This is why

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Apple announced iOS 16, its newest mobile operating system, at WWDC 2022aimed at a general public release date in late 2022. However, an early version already exists iOS 16 currently available for download – iOS 16 developer beta for developers.

Downloading the beta will give you an early look at the features Apple revealed in its speech earlier this month, including improved lock screen with widgets and better personalization as well as the possibility edit and undo sending texts in Messages and view saved passwords for Wi-Fi networks in settings.

But since iOS 16 is still in its early stages, downloading the developer beta will not be profitable for most people.

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If you’re working as an app developer, getting this version of iOS might be a great idea as it might allow you to get an early look at the rules of your next operating system. But most people should wait for the first stable release of iOS 16, due out later this year – probably around what we think iPhone 14 the line launches in the fall – or at the earliest, consider the public beta in July if you absolutely crave Early Access.

However, if you still feel like it, here are three compelling reasons why you should probably wait before downloading this iOS 16 developer beta.

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Apple announces iOS 16 and some new iPhone features


For starters, the iOS 16 developer beta costs money

If you want to legally install iOS 16 on your iPhone, you need to be a member first Apple developer program – and it costs $ 99 per year (or local currency if available) for individual developers. And the price is well worth the money, but mostly if you are a developer. As a member of the Apple Developer Program, you get early access to beta software and app downloads, helping developers to better build their apps.

The latest beta Apple software

Here are some of the programs beta developers can download and install.

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Even if you’re a hobbyist or just a big fan of Apple products, the membership price can be worth it. But for everyone else, paying nearly $ 100 a year for software that is not fully developed or finished is probably not. Instead of paying for the Apple Developer Program, you can wait for the iOS 16 public beta in July to test new features and settings before the general public.

The beta version of iOS 16 may also restrict certain phone features

Suppose you decide to pay for the Apple Developer Program and download the first beta of the iOS 16 developer. Now you install it on your main iPhone, which you use every day for texting, checking email, and browsing the Internet.

This may not seem like a problem at first, but as with any developer beta, these early iterations of iOS 16 have bugs that can make it difficult to use the software. Even if the first development beta does not contain many bugs, the next version may.

For example, I am running the first beta of the iOS 16 developer on an iPhone 11 Pro and have already had issues with several features and settings:

  • Not every photo or video I try to save from the internet will save to my camera. I need to repeat the saving process or force quit the app several times before it actually saves to my device.
  • There is also random force closing. When I open some applications, such as Instagram or Twitter, they force-quit intermittently, and this is most likely due to some iOS 16 incompatibilities.
  • I’m also having trouble reopening closed tabs in Safari. No matter how often I close some tabs, they keep reappearing.
  • AirDrop doesn’t work half the time.

And this is not a criticism of the software itself as all developer beta versions will have such problems, and this is normal. Most, if not all, of these bugs should be fixed by the time the general release is made available. This is simply to paint a better picture of what to expect from the early pre-releases. If you are not ready for such problems then you should not install iOS 16 on your iPhone, especially if it’s your everyday device.

And, you may not be able to go back to iOS 15 without deleting your personal information

Suppose you upgraded to the iOS 16 developer beta and suddenly have problems. You’re not satisfied with this early version of Apple’s software, so you want to go back to iOS 15. Well, unless you’ve backed up from iOS 15, the only way to downgrade is to restore your iPhone as a brand new device. And while that will install Apple’s latest mobile update (currently iOS 15.5), it can also permanently delete important data and settings from your phone.

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Before you download and install iOS 16, back up while using iOS 15. You can do this via iCloud on your device, but Apple only stores one backup at a time (for each device), so an iOS 15 backup won’t is guaranteed to be available if a future update replaces it, especially since most iCloud backups are done automatically while you sleep.

iOS 15 Temporary iCloud Storage Transfer to iPhone 13

Successful transition from iOS 16 to iOS 15 with all previous settings depends on whether you have a backup or not.

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As an added precaution, you can also use your computer to create an iOS 15 backup – using iTunes on Windows or the Finder on a Mac – which will be saved as a file on that device. After that, you can use this file to restore your device to iOS 15 and keep most of your personal data and settings intact.

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