DuckDuckGo launches its first Mac browser in beta


DuckDuckGo for Mac is still in beta.

Duck DuckGo

Duck DuckGoa search engine that undertakes not to track your online activity launched a beta Mac app on Tuesday.

“DuckDuckGo for Mac is not just a replacement for Incognito Mode” the company said. “Instead (the app) is designed to be used as a daily browser that really protects your privacy.”

The Mac app includes a built-in private search engine, a tracking blocker, and other features to improve your browsing privacy. The application also increases security while browsing thanks to Smarter encryption a feature that redirects you to an encrypted version of websites using the forced HTTPS protocol.

Since the app is in beta, you must join a private waiting list to access it. Here’s how to join the waiting list from the DuckDuckGo mobile app.

1. Open the mobile app and make sure you are using the latest version.

2. Obtain Settings.

3. Obtain DuckDuckGo for a desktop computer.

4. Obtain Join a private waiting list. If you are selected, you will receive an in-app notification. You will receive an invite code and a link to the download page that will open on your desktop or laptop computer.

You may run into some errors after downloading the app, but you can send feedback to DuckDuckGo by going to Settings in the browser application and by clicking Send feedback.

DuckDuckGo said there is no schedule yet when the Mac app will be available in a wider release as the app is just in beta.

CEO Gabriel Weinberg tweeted on Tuesday that the Windows app is likely to be available this year.

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