FCC plans a 2.5 GHz spectrum auction for July, paving the way for 6G at MWC 2022

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It’s still many years since 6G wireless technology has become a thing in the real world.

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FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced about Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday that the United States will organize 5G auction of the 2.5 GHz medium band in July this year.

The advantage of this mid-band radio wave is that it combines excellent long-range coverage and the ability to carry large amounts of data. T Mobilewhich already uses the 2.5 GHz frequency band, reportedly misses a large proportion of the radio waves that will be auctioned this summer to extend and strengthen its 5G service.

Since Rosenworcel was approved as FCC chairwoman in December, she has been openly talking about it the lack of a coherent, government-wide spectrum policy and the impact it has had on the introduction of 5G in the US, especially after the clash between the aerospace industry and wireless operators last month.

In her speech at MWC, Rosenworcel spoke of the importance of paving the way for 6G and taking a different approach to the way the US has deployed 5G. “Let’s not forget the lessons we learned with the millimeter wave and 5G spectrum,” she said. “These waves are soft. And while there is a lot of this spectrum to deploy, it doesn’t travel very far, and it’s extremely costly to deploy right now. “

Down 6Gstill years away from real-world implementation, wants to start identifying now a mid-band spectrum that can handle higher speeds and wider coverage, she added.

“It is not too early to harmonize these efforts across the globe as this will ensure that this next generation can reach everyone, anywhere,” she said.

Rosenworcel commissioned the FCC’s Technology Advisory Council, which it established last July, to follow up on new developments to ensure that the United States can turn the latest research into the communications technology of the future. “We need to learn from what was before and recognize that the new technology… takes advantage of little pre-planning,” she said.

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