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Fitbit obtains FDA approval for AFib detection


Fitbit Fee 5.

Lexy Savvides / topwatchbest

Fitbit received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved for its atrial fibrillation detection algorithm, Google said on Monday.

The technology that Google says will be coming soon to an array of heart rate devices passively evaluates the rhythm of the heartbeat. If it comes across something AFib suggests, it will notify you via the Irregular Heartbeat Notification feature.

Google has obtained approval to use AFib detection technology, in part because of: Heart test 2020 which monitored over 455,000 participants for five months. The study found that Fitbit detected and correctly identified atrial fibrillation episodes 98% of the time compared to ECG monitors.

The Fitbit ECG app already offers a way to periodically check your heart rate, but the new AFib detection feature will provide a more consistent, always-on monitoring method.

According to the technology giant, AFib is a type of irregular heart rhythm that affects over 33 million people worldwide. It can be difficult to spot and can also increase your risk of stroke.

The announcement comes as Fitbit continues to grow at least one smartwatch that should work Google Wear operating system. The company also continues to support older Fitbit devices that run on its own Fitbit OS.

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