Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra: 7 hidden Android features and settings worth knowing

Comparison of the Samsung S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra

Here are the hidden settings and features you need to know about the Galaxy S22.

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Galaxy S22 series – incl S22S22 + i S22 Ultra – it is finally here and while you will surely discover more popular features like the brand new S Stylus or the amazing zoom and low light photography, there are always features and settings that will inevitably fall between the slots.

It’s these hidden or hidden features and settings that can completely change the way you use your new Android smartphone, and the Galaxy S22 has several of them. In this story, we take a closer look at the features below the radar, such as hidden lock screen widgets and the immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience. Here’s what you need to know.

Don’t let the screen go blank while you’re looking at it

If you don’t touch the screen for a while, depending on how long the screen timeout is (30 seconds by default) it usually turns off fairly quickly to save battery power. That’s great and all, but maybe you’re reading something and don’t touch your phone while the screen keeps falling asleep. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your Galaxy S22’s screen from turning off every time you look at it.

In the Settings app, go to Advanced Features > Movements and gestures and turn it on Leave the screen on while watching. From then on, the screen will stay on as long as the front camera can detect your face and the eyes staring at it.


Stop the screen from turning off automatically while reading.

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Turn on Dolby Atmos for cinematic surround sound

Your Galaxy S22 comes with Dolby Atmos, which gives you high-quality surround sound from your smartphone, whether you’re watching a movie or just listening to your favorite artist on Spotify. However, this sound setting isn’t turned on by default, so you’ll need to turn it on manually.

To enable Dolby Atmos, go to Settings > Sound quality and effects then turn on Dolby Atmos. By default, Dolby Atmos will turn on automatically for what you’re listening to, but if you touch Automatic, you can configure it so that Dolby Atmos will only turn on when you are watching a movie, listening to music, or talking on the phone. Also, if it’s not already on, turn it on Dolby Atmos for games to get surround sound while playing games on your phone.


Get surround sound while watching movies or listening to music on your phone.

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Automatically turn on the power saving feature to help save battery power

Depending on how much you use your Galaxy S22, the battery may be running low as early as midday. This is especially true when you watch YouTube videos or keep scrolling through Instagram. However, if you don’t have a charger handy, there are several ways you can extend your battery life – such as automatically turning on your phone’s adaptive power saving feature.

You can turn on the automatic power saving feature in Settings > Battery and device care. In Device care pagetap the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner, then tap Automation in the displayed menu. Turn on Adaptive energy saving and your S22 will go into an energy-saving mode that will run automatically depending on your usage patterns. The power saving mode function can stop background refresh or enable AOD (Always On Display); it may be different.


Help save your smartphone’s battery with this automation.

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View and remove / add hidden widgets on the lock screen

Notifications are usually displayed on the lock screen, but on the Galaxy S22 you also have the option of adding widgets – they’re just hidden. If you want to view your existing lock screen widgets, just tap on the time at the top of the screen. The default widgets that should appear are Music, Next Alert, and Bixby Routines.

To remove or add widgets to the lock screen, tap Settings at the bottom of the lock screen when widgets are visible. Now you can disable any widgets you want to get rid of and enable any widgets you want to add to your lock screen. To reorder the widgets, tap Reorder and then touch the arrows to move the widgets from top to bottom.


Tap on the time to view your widgets.

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Stop Bixby from accidentally opening every time you hold down the side button

Samsung’s personal voice assistant, Bixby lets you run as many commands as you want with just your voice. Talk and you can play a Spotify album, text a friend, or find vacation photos you took last year. By default, the side button on the Galaxy S22 wakes up Bixby, but if you’re not using the voice assistant it can be a bit annoying as it can be accidentally triggered.

If you don’t want to summon Bixby every time you press the side button, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Side key. From there, you can open the shutdown menu (shutdown, restart, and safe mode) by pressing and holding the side button instead. You can also change what happens when you press the side key twice, or disable the feature altogether.


If you’re not using Bixby, you can prevent it from opening when you press the side key.

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Use the S Pen to quickly translate text (instead of just drawing)

The S Pen, which is new to the Galaxy S series, is not only for drawing and writing. If you pull the stylus out of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can press the pen button to bring up the Air Command menu and choose from several actions: create a note, send a live message, draw an AR Doodle, and more.

One of the S Pen’s best features is the ability to translate text by hovering over the word. To translate text using the S Pen, select Translate option with Air Command select the language you want to translate from and into, then simply hover your pen over the word you want to translate without touching the screen. After a second loading, the Google Translate window will appear with the word in blue and the translation in black. You can also tap the copy button to save the translation to the clipboard.


You can use the S Pen stylus for more than just writing and drawing.

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Hide the app without having to permanently delete it

While you probably use most of the apps on your Galaxy S22, there may be cases where you use an app once and then you don’t need it. You can permanently remove it from your device, but if you think you’ll need it again, you can always just hide the app.

To hide an application, hold on the home screen and tap Home screen settings and then on Hide applications. This will bring up a menu showing all the applications downloaded to the phone. Select the application or applications you want to hide. The apps should disappear from your home screen as well as your apps and settings folder. If you want to restore an app, just follow the same steps as above but this time uncheck the apps from Hide applications Section.


Instead of deleting an app, you can just hide it.

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