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Galaxy Watch 5 rumors: will Samsung provide us with battery recharge?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung / Screenshot by Sarah Tew / topwatchbest

Samsung Galaxy watch 4 was praised for its health tracking functionality, fast performance, and neat appearance when it was released last August. It was even the first smartwatch powered by a new one Wear an operating system software that SAMSUNG and Google created together. But if rumors do become reality, the Galaxy Watch 5 could solve one of our biggest complaints about the Galaxy Watch 4: battery life.

I also hope Samsung is fully committed to Google’s software and services. The Galaxy Watch 4 currently feels trapped between the Google and Samsung ecosystems, as my colleague Scott Stein wrote his review.

Samsung hasn’t said a word about plans for its next smartwatch, although the company typically debuts with new wearables in August. Samsung collaboration details with Google turned on Wear an operating system appeared at last year’s Google I / O conference, so it is possible that some details about the software will appear at this year’s Google I / O May 11. There haven’t been many rumors of the next Galaxy Watch yet, but here’s our best guess of what Samsung might be planning based on leaks and previous company launches.

Possible announcement in August

Only Samsung knows when the next Galaxy Watch is coming. But the company already has a history of releasing new wearables in August along with other new products. For example Galaxy watch 4 debuted in August last year, while the Galaxy watch 3 arrived in August 2020 Samsung has already released a streak of new gadgets in 2022 Galaxy S22 composition to cheaper Galaxy S21 FENew laptops and pills. The only thing we haven’t heard of yet are smartwatches, so there’s a chance Samsung could keep that for its typical August Unpacked event.

More battery than the Galaxy Watch 4

One of the drawbacks of the Galaxy Watch 4 is the relatively short battery life, which usually lasts from one to two days. There is a chance that this will change with Galaxy Watch 5. Tech blog SamMobile It says legal documentation has been found indicating that the 40mm size of the Galaxy Watch 5 will have slightly more battery capacity than the Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung declined to comment on the report.

Longer battery life would make the Galaxy Watch 5 a more efficient sleep tracker as you may not need to recharge it every night. It would also help Samsung to catch up Fitbit therefore, because its Meaning and Variation 3 watches can run for days on a single charge.


A larger battery could make the Galaxy Watch 5 a better sleep tracker than the Galaxy Watch 4 (pictured above) as you may not need to charge it as often.

Scott Stein / topwatchbest

May be able to measure your temperature

The Galaxy Watch 4 can already monitor data such as body composition, blood oxygen level and heart rate. Samsung may expand its health ambitions by adding the ability to measure body temperature to the Galaxy Watch 5, according to a Korean news service ETNews. The report does not go into much detail other than saying that Samsung “has developed a technology that can measure body temperature as accurately as possible.” Samsung declined to comment on the ETNews report.

Body temperature sensing is not new to wearables. Oura a wellness ring of the same name can measure your finger’s temperature to help detect changes that may be going on in your body. Fitbit devices like the Sense and Versa 3 can also detect temperature.


Oura’s wellness ring can measure temperature.

Scott Stein / topwatchbest

If Samsung adds a temperature sensor to its next smartwatch, it will be another sign that wearable devices have become comprehensive health and wellness facilities. Metrics like blood saturation measurements are now relatively common in Apple, Fitbit, Samsung and Garmin wearables.

It will likely launch Wear OS

Samsung has yet to announce any details for its next smartwatch. But because the Galaxy Watch 4 works Wear an operating systemit seems likely that his successor will as well. Google and Samsung have collaborated to develop the new Wear OS, which means Samsung is likely to intend to use this software in its future smartwatches.

Samsung was the first to launch a smartwatch that runs on Google’s new Wear OS. But the landscape will soon become more competitive with new Wear operating system are expected to show up on third party watches such as TicWatch, Fossils and The Fitbit brand by Google. We expect to know more about what’s next with Wear OS during Google I / O.

What do we want from the Galaxy Watch 5

We always appreciate the longer battery life and new health monitoring features. But what we really want from the Galaxy Watch 5 is software that makes it feel more like a part of the Google ecosystem. The Galaxy Watch 4 is torn between Google and the SAMSUNG. Yes, it has a Google Play app store and other Google apps. But the setup process and health tracking still rely heavily on Samsung’s apps.

To be sure, the company does this to some extent by: bringing the Google Assistant on the watch. However, we hope to see a closer integration with Google in the next version, which will really make the Galaxy Watch 5 feel like the ultimate Android smartwatch.

For more information, check out all the rumors we’ve heard about Galaxy Z Flap 4 and Assembling the Galaxy Z 4. Plus, the best smartwatches you can buy this year.

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