Galaxy Z Flip 4 Rumors: Rotary Camera?

Samsung Flip 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will likely be the successor to the Z Flip 3 shown above.

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Samsung has had an exciting year already, with more phones within range by 2022. We saw his flagship Galaxy S22 linecheap Galaxy S21 FE and new models of the foldable Galaxy Z Flip (i Assembling the Galaxy Z) will likely be on their way soon.

Although the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 4 are foldable phones, they differ in many ways. The most notable difference is that the Z Fold bends like a book while the Z Flip folds vertically. Last year’s Z Flip 3 was named “Most normal foldable available”, by Patrick Holland of topwatchbest, and the upcoming Z Flip 4 is likely to bring some welcome enhancements and improvements.

We are collecting all the rumors regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 4 release date, price, new features and specs, and will update this story as new information becomes available. Here’s what we’ve heard so far. Just remember that since these are rumors, none of the specs have been endorsed by Samsung.

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Release date: probably August or September

It’s too early to have any reputable rumors regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s release date. But looking at the history of the foldable phone (and its Galaxy Z Fold siblings) we can generally infer when a new device is to be expected.

The Galaxy Z Flip releases do not seem to follow a particular pattern as the original was announced in February 2020 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was released in August 2021. However, it seems that Samsung has made friends with the device from the Galaxy Z Fold, so Z Flip went from version 1 to version 3 – to fit the Z Fold naming convention.

2019 Galaxy Fold and 2020 Fold 2 were released in September, while Z Fold 3 debuted in August 2021. If Samsung plans to release the phones as a pair, we can probably expect the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in August or September along with Assembling the Galaxy Z 4.

Price: Galaxy Z Flip 4 may be cheaper

We haven’t heard much about the possible price of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 yet. But we can take a look at rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for hints.

AND Korean leak who follows the handle suggests yeux1122? the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 will cost less than the Z Fold 3. (Leaker yeux1122 doesn’t have much track record compared to the others. MacGossip reported in February that he had guessed correctly iPad Mini 6 at launch time, but they were wrong about the screen size of the tablet.) Although the tipster did not provide any further details, these speculations coincide with the history of the phone’s prices. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 ($ 1,800) has dropped compared to the Fold 2 ($ 2000). price Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been truncated last year to $ 1,000 from $ 1,380 Original With Flip.

With that in mind, Samsung could cut costs with the Flip 4. But, like any other rumor, we won’t know for sure until the company announces the device.

Galaxy Z Flap 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Flip 3 shown above may look similar.

Patrick Holland / topwatchbest

Design: Improvements to the Galaxy Z Flip 4

Rumors of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4 display suggest Samsung is making a few small tweaks instead of big improvements. According to Korean news site The Elec, the Z Flip 4 will retain the 6.7-inch internal Z Flip 3 folding display, but the outer shell will remain increased slightly from 1.83 to 1.9 inches.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s cover screen, the display outside when the phone is closed, is four times the size of the original Z Flip, and Holland praised the move as “A step in the right direction”. A slightly larger cover screen can make it a bit easier to read notifications and move widgets around.

Cameras: rotating lenses?

Samsung hasn’t tweaked the camera hardware on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but the upcoming Z Flip 4 may offer some improvements. If rumors are to be believed, the new foldable will offer a rotating camera and a better camera for the display.

Samsung has folded patent application at the World Intellectual Property Office for a flip phone with a rotating camera, like a Dutch blog LetsGoDigital reported in July. The camera, which is on a folding hinge, has two lenses and can be rotated when the phone is closed, open or at different angles in between. This means the camera can take selfies and fulfill other photography needs.


Apparently the rotating Galaxy Z Flip 4 camera.


While a universal camera sounds cool, it can also make the folding hinge much larger, making the phone itself larger and bulkier.

Additional rumors from Korean leak yeux1122, we suggest Samsung has tested the Galaxy Z Flip 4 versions with improved camera below the display which can also be used in the cover screen. However, apparently the company also has tested versions of the phone with a perforated display with a notch in the hole.

We still have a few months to a possible Galaxy Z Flip 4 reveal, but we do have some useful information that we can check while you wait. You can read rumors about Assembling the Galaxy Z 4 and topwatchbest reviews of Samsung’s latest flagship phones, Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. Got an Android phone that needs tweaking? Look at these settings to change and how to clear the browser cache. More Apple fans? We collect Rumors about the iPhone 14also.

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