Google Pixel Watch and the 6a phone are reportedly leaking online

Google Pixel 6 Pro cameras

Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Stephen Shankland / topwatchbest

Upcoming Google Pixel 6a phone and rumored to be a Pixel watch supposedly leaked through the carrier’s inventory system. An online leak, reported earlier on Tuesday by Android Police, has been attributed to an unnamed source.

The US carrier’s database reportedly shows that Google’s next flagship phone will be available in black, white or green and will have 128GB of storage.

this Pixel watch the leak shows it will have 32GB of memory and will be available in black, gold and gray versions, Android Police said.

Rumors about Pixel watches for years, but until now, Google has only provided Android software to others smartwatch manufacturers such as Samsung.

Google did not immediately respond to the request for comment, but the next series of devices is due to be launched in spring 2022 at the annual I / O conferencewhich usually happens in May.

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