HBO Max will merge with Discovery Plus in the middle of next year

HBO Max’s streaming service will join Discovery Plus for US subscribers in the summer of 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery said Thursday detailing plans for the traffic it has telegraphed since the company was formed by mega-merger earlier this year.

Latin America will receive a bundled version of services later in 2023. Some European markets where HBO Max is already active will be launched in early 2024, and the company will launch a combined offering in some new Asia-Pacific and European markets later in 2024. .

The company did not specify any price changes as the two services were combined. Warner Bros. Discovery added that it is investigating the possibility of launching some kind of free, ad-supported streaming offer.

The plan to merge HBO Max and Discovery Plus is “a top priority,” Warner Bros. CEO said Thursday. Discovery, David Zaslav, while discussing the company’s streaming strategy. Both services collectively have 92 million subscribers, and Warner Bros. Discovery said it anticipates adding more than 40 million new members by 2025. By comparison, Netflix, the world’s largest subscription streaming service, has nearly 221 million.

In April, Discovery and WarnerMedia they locked them up $ 43 billion megafusion create merged Warner Bros. Discovery. The deal united Hollywood might, WarnerMedia – the home of the streaming service HBO max.Warner Bros. film studio and TV channels like HBO, CNN, TBS and more – z Discoverywhich includes reality shows and unscripted programs on its cable networks and streaming service Discovery Plus.

HBO Max is known for its prestigious originals and an extensive library of the best films. On the other hand, Discovery Plus is known for both high-end (like award-winning natural history documentaries) and low end (like Naked and Afraid and wildly popular 90 Day Fiancé) programming.

But the merger of the companies overshadowed the future shape of both HBO Max and Discovery Plus. Earlier this year, the management of the new company was clear that it wanted to combine the two services, but as of Thursday, management had not specified how or when. Warner Bros. Discovery also said earlier that it would consider intermediate steps such as bundling services into a discounted bundle before fully combining the two.

Their connection comes at a time when video streaming has never been so popular and the competition around it has never been fiercer. In the past two years, media giants and heavyweight technologists have launched their own rivals for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, with services such as Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, HBO max. and Peacock developing. These so-called streaming wars it also affects the number of services you have to use and pay for to watch your favorite shows and movies online.

The latest news follows reports of a growing number of lost shows, movies, and other projects. On Tuesday Batgirl has been discontinuedeven though the movie (with report) $ 90 billion budget) was already in post-production. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery shut down CNN Plus, a streaming service that complements its 24-hour news network, within approximately three weeks of its launch.

Together, these and other decisions highlighted the era of tightening the belt under Zasław.

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