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Here’s how to download the iOS 16 beta now

As long as you have compatible iPhonesame as iPhone 13you can download and install the beta version of iOS 16 which is currently in third version.

iOS 16 brings a few New Features to your iPhone, incl customizable lock screensome intelligent trimming function and the ability to send and edit text messages.

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In June, Apple released the first beta of the developer iOS 16 shortly after it developer conferencebut few of them were able to download and install the software. The developer beta versions require membership to the Apple Developer Program, which costs $ 100 per year and is not recommended for daily use as they can be filled with bugs and make your phone difficult to use.

Fortunately, you can download iOS 16 Beta 3 right now, which should be a bit more stable than the development version. All you need to do is register your device with the Apple Beta Software program and install a configuration profile to get the iOS 16 beta on your device.

For more information, take a look at everything the best new features available on iOS 16as well as some of the cool hidden features that you may not know about.

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Before you start, make sure to back up your iPhone

Getting pre-released software can be exciting, but there are precautions you should take before upgrading. All pre-released software such as iOS 16 beta may have bugs and other issues that may hinder your use of your device, so be sure to back up your device in case you want to go back to iOS 15.

By default, your iPhone should back up whenever it’s connected to power and Wi-Fi during normal sleep hours. However, if this backup feature is disabled, you can go to Settings > Your name > iCloud > ICloud backup then hit Back up now to back up your device.

Backup page on iPhone

You can (and should) backup iPhone to Mac as well.

Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar / topwatchbest

Additionally, you can backup your iPhone using the Finder on your Mac computer. Just connect your device to your computer, open Finder, select the device, then back up. Apple also recommends that you archive a backup so that it won’t be overwritten by other backups.

Sign up for the Apple Beta Software program

Now that you’ve backed up your device, it’s time to sign up for Apple Beta Software Programthat allows anyone to try pre-release software for free to give Apple feedback on quality, usability, and issues. Currently, you can test the iOS 16 beta on any compatible Apple device (iPhone 8 and newer).

To enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program:

1. go to Apple Beta Software Program on your iPhone.

2. Tap blue Sign up at the bottom of the page.

3. Use Face ID or Touch ID to log into the Apple ID connected to the iPhone.

4. Read and accept the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement.

On the next page, scroll down to Get Started and tap register your iOS devicewhich should contain a hyperlink in the paragraph that appears. This will take you to another page where Apple will outline everything you need to do to download and install the iOS 16 beta on your iPhone.

Apple Beta Software home page

Registration in the Apple Beta Software program is free.

Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar / topwatchbest

Install the iOS 16 beta configuration profile

If you scroll down this page, you’ll see a section called Install Profile. To download and install the iOS 16 beta on your device, you must now install a configuration profile on your iPhone.

Basically, a configuration profile allows a third party to manage the device; in this case, Apple. You may be concerned if this is a privacy breach, but rest assured that this configuration profile simply allows Apple to deliver and manage the iOS 16 beta on your device.

To install a configuration profile, press blue Download profile button, and then tap Allow in the pop-up that appears. Then close the web browser, launch the Settings app, and tap Profile download at the top of the page. The iOS 16 Public Beta Configuration Profile window should appear installenter your password, then press install two more times. Finally, tap restart to get the iOS 16 wireless beta update.

Download and install a configuration profile on an iPhone

Before updating to iOS 16 beta, you must first download the configuration profile from the Apple website.

Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar / topwatchbest

Download and install the iOS 16 beta

After your iPhone restarts, go to Settings > General > Software update, hit Download and install and enter your passcode to start the iOS 16 beta update process.

IOS 16 Public Beta download page

After downloading your configuration profile and restarting your phone, you can download and install the iOS 16 public beta.

Screenshot by Nelson Aguilar / topwatchbest

If for some reason you don’t see Download and Install, you may need to wait a few minutes or clear your memory to free up some space. If you don’t have enough space, you won’t be able to download iOS 16, so clean up your memory by deleting large files and offloading heavy apps.

You should see a loading bar along with a rough estimate of the duration of the download process. After the download is complete, restart your device and wait for the installation of iOS 16 beta. After your iPhone boots up, you should see the iOS 16 beta downloaded onto your device.

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