Hulu doesn’t have a hidden menu, but you can still use these tricks

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Hulu has a few lesser-known features that can improve your streaming experience.

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We know Netflix has a pile of obscure settingsbut did you know Hulu can you do some things too? As one of the best streaming services for broadcasting networks, sports, television and movies, includes new content to keep you entertained for hours. You can even arrange remote viewing party. Apart from Basic Hulu tier for $ 6you can pay more to remove the ads or go to Hulu Plus Live TVwhich comes with Unlimited DVR and access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus. But what about Hulu features?

While the platform is not as intuitive to use as I would like, I found many ways to improve the viewing experience. Sorry Hulu is missing secret codes which unlock genre menus and other content categories like Netflix, but with these tricks you can still add a bit of glare to your streaming stream.


One thing before we dive in: I’ve found the hard way that Hulu features don’t work the same on all devices. This inconsistency can be frustrating, but you can find out which supported devices are working best by following these tips by visiting the Hulu website Help Center.

Use widgets for your mobile phone

Are you used to seeing Hulu apps on your phone? Android and iPhone users can switch to a customized Hulu widget that offers access to content you’ve already watched or suggestions for new titles with one click.

IOS users can tap and hold an empty space on their screens and type Hulu when the add sign appears. You will be prompted to select one of two widgets: “Jump Back” or “Discover”.

If you have an Android phone, tap an empty area on the screen, and then click the widgets icon. Search for Hulu in the search bar, then click the widget you want to use. You will have the option to choose from “Follow Next” or new content.

Add and remove channels in your lineup

This tip is for Hulu Live and Basic TV subscribers. You know how you choose your favorite networks when setting up your Hulu profile for the first time? Well, it doesn’t have to be set in stone. If you want to add a channel to your listing, you need to save your preferred networks in “My stuffbookmark in Hulu.

On the home screen, find the TV tab and scroll down to find “All TV networks“row. Click on a channel that has a steady stream of content you want to watch. For example, if you like ABC shows, select its icon and in the top corner click”Add to my stuff“. You will now see the ABC content in the rotation of the Hulu main page. Repeat this process for other networks. When you go to the My Stuff tab and click Networks, you’ll see a list of all added channels. Go to your favorite shows or movies by clicking on the channel icon.


Add specific channels to your main Hulu roster.

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Live TV subscribers follow a different set of steps. Open the Hulu app and click Hubs. Scroll down to the AZ section to select the desired network channels, then tap Add to my stuffor select them from one of the other lines for entertainment, sports, etc. To check if they are part of your channel offer, press Live and click My channels.

To remove any of these networks from the Hulu main page, just find the network icon in My stuff and click delete.

Customize your subtitles

Like Netflix, Hulu gives you the ability to customize your on-screen subtitles. You can change the font, background and window appearance for your programming. Open the app on your TV and go to your profile icon. Click here Settings and open subtitles and captions menu. You can change the font color, opacity, and shading, and make the same changes to the background and window.

This formatting process will only work on supported devices with the latest version of Hulu. Some models for Roku, Android TV, Samsung TVs and Apple TVs (pre-4th generation) may not have this feature.

However, if you watch in a web browser, you can toggle the subtitle font settings. When streaming video, click the gear icon. To choose Subtitles. In the subtitle menu tap Settingsand a window will open where you can choose the font type, color, size and transparency. Click here Ready after making your choice.

Save your eyes with the night mode

For those watching Hulu late at night on a laptop, there’s a feature to make your ophthalmologist happy: Night Mode. Changes the screen from a bright white background to a dark one to reduce blue light burden on your eyes.

To turn it on, hover over your profile until you see the drop-down menu. Switch Night mode to the on or off position. While this option is only available on computers, you can use the cast feature to stream Hulu from your laptop to a Chromecast or smart TV.

hulu-night mode

Less exposure to blue light with Hulu’s Night Mode.

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Pause your subscription

Are you going on a trip? Need a break from one of your monthly bills? You can temporarily put Hulu on the ice for up to 12 weeks. Go to your account page and find the subscription column. Click here Pause on Pause your subscription and choose how long you want to keep Hulu.

During this time, you will not be charged, but please note that the freeze will occur on the first day of the next billing cycle. In addition, please note that if Disney Plus and / or ESPN Plus are included with your Hulu subscription, access to these applications will also be suspended.

Unless you manually restart your subscription, your account will be automatically reactivated on the day the pause expires. This becomes your new billing date.

Turn off autoplay

If you use Netflix regularly, you’re probably used to the autoplay feature that shows up in the next episode or preview. Hulu does the same, and you can turn it on or off.

For TVs and mobile devices, click your profile icon and then select Settings. Switch Automatic play disable for movies or previews. If you’re streaming Hulu in a web browser, click the gear icon while playing to open it Settings. Switch Automatic play Turn off.

Clear Watch History

Have you finished watching a few shows each season? What about this horror movie from last Halloween? If you want to re-watch a snippet of content from the beginning or feel like clearing your watch history, there is a way to delete what you’ve already seen.

On your TV, go to the show or movie details page. Click the gear icon that says Manage the series. You’ll be asked to confirm if you want to remove the title from your watch history. Choice To remove not only will it remove it from your history and watchlist, but it will also erase the viewing progress of the entire series or movie. This is useful when you want to watch something from scratch.

Mobile and web users should start from the home page and find Keep watching Hulu section. Find the thumbnail of the title to open the menu options. Click X or Delete from Watch History and verify your choice.

Have you lost your remote? Let your phone guide you

If the gremlin hid the TV remote control, fear not, you can still watch Hulu on the big screen with your phone. How? If you have a Chromecast or Airplay on your TV, install the Hulu app on your phone (or other mobile device) to cast it.

Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then open the app on your phone. Select the content you want to watch and tap Airplay or Throw Icon. Choose your Chromecast or Smart TV from the menu and enjoy streaming. You can control playback functions with your phone.

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