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iOS 15.4 Beta: Features that may appear on your iPhone


The latest iOS beta is now available for developers.

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Apple’s iOS 15.4 remains in beta, which means the operating system is not yet ready for its public debut. But we’re probably nearing the release date of the new operating system since Apple released the fourth beta for iOS 15.4 developers last week. Among other features, it supposedly includes Gender-neutral voice option for Siri and anti-stalking alerts for AirTags.

Other benefits of the iOS 15.4 beta include new emotes, updates to Face ID, and the long-awaited arrival of Universal Control. iOS 15.4 will follow iOS 15.3.1, which was released earlier this month in patch vulnerability in iPhones and iPads.

As the name suggests, iOS 15.4 is the fourth major update to the iOS 15which took off with iPhone 13 in September. Those updates that started in December IOS version 15.1they added more features to Apple’s iPhone operating system and updated the existing ones.

As with any beta release of the operating system, we recommend that you download only on test devicenot your primary iPhone. Beta versions are designed to test stability and bugs, meaning they’re not optimized like release versions – you’ll likely reduce battery life and app instability.

When is the iOS 15.4 release date?

Apple has not announced a release date for iOS 15.4, but we could see the update on Apparently the March Apple event. Also look for the iOS 15.4 RC beta or “candidate release” – these are usually the last beta versions before public release.

How can I download the iOS 15.4 beta?

First you need to register Apple’s Beta Program. Once you are in the program, download configuration profile from Apple. Then you should be able to find the latest beta by going to Settings> General> Software update and selection Download and install. Again, we only recommend this for ancillary devices and testers due to the flawed nature of beta testing.

What is universal control?

Universal Control allows you to use other devices as secondary displays, seamlessly transferring content between them with just one device. This eagerly anticipated feature was initially announced as part of Monterey’s macOS, but has been delayed in the fall, with a new timeline pointing to “this spring”. Fortunately, Universal Control has finally arrived in the iOS 15.4 beta and is expected to launch with the Monterey OS 15.3 update.

Can I use Face ID with masks?

Apple is finally updating its Face ID feature so that you can use it while wearing the mask. As the feature uses a smaller part of your face to verify your identity, you need to more accurately determine the angle at which you are holding your phone when using Face ID. Your phone will even tell you to look more directly at the screen. The updated feature should work for glasses wearers, but won’t work for sunglasses.

What new emotes are coming?

If you’re someone who prides themselves on using emojis in a creative and fun way, you’ll love iOS 15.4. It is above 37 new emotes in update, including new options for pregnant women, heart-shaped hands, salute and – our favorite – lip biting emoji. The emoji were revealed last fall and also feature a melting face, a tear-holding face, a bird’s nest, a coral, a lotus, a weak battery, and a bean.

Another feature included in the update is the ability to copy text from objects using the camera in the Notes or Reminders applications. And, as noted by ZDNet, also a second update to the iOS 15.4 beta Fixes a bug with Siri interaction recordings.

For more information about Apple, read about how Apple is rumored to let your iPhone be a payment terminal and like Apple is rumored to be preparing a wide variety of new products for this fall.

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