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Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptops are exclusive options for novice players

Lenovo’s latest entry-level gaming laptops now more closely resemble the high-end Legion gaming line, but at lower prices. The new IdeaPad Gaming 3 and 3i are part of many of the company’s announcements on Mobile World Congress. While Legion laptops can cost $ 3,000, the new IdeaPad Gaming 3 starts below $ 1,000, but still has some premium features and components.

Previous versions of this line looked like entry-level generic gaming laptops, but at least had good components at a reasonable cost – making them attractive for work, school, and casual gaming. These new models now look more like high-end Legion laptops, with only no Legion branding or no branding at all.


The new IdeaPad Gaming 3 (right) has a top-mounted display and an I / O panel on the back.

Josh Goldman / topwatchbest

Instead of the more typical rear-hinged clamshell design, the new design moves the display hinges up and slightly forward. This includes better vents (with a splash of color) and a rear panel for external displays and power. The design makes it really comfortable and clean to put on your desk, and you still have a USB-A port on the left and right side for a mouse or other accessories.

You’ll be able to buy laptops with AMD Ryzen 6000 H-series or Intel Core i7 H-series processors – that’s why you have the naming convention 3 and 3i, and it stands for Intel. They will also be available in sizes 15.6 and 16 inches. 15-inch is a 16: 9 display with a resolution of 2560×1440, while 16-inch is 2560×1600 with an aspect ratio of 16:10; both have a refresh rate of up to 165 Hz. The display of the 16-inch model will have a brightness of 500 nits and will cover 100% of the sRGB color gamut. If you want a better display, 16 inch is the one you can get.


The 16-inch version (left) has a higher-quality 16:10 display than the 15.6-inch model (right).

Josh Goldman / topwatchbest

Regardless of the screen size, the graphics options start with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 and will go to the RTX 3060. However, if you go for an AMD processor, Lenovo says the RTX 3050 Ti will be the best GPU available. Intel configurations will also include an option for the new Intel Arc A370M discrete graphics card. Early performance leaks show that the Arc graphics chip has performance close to that of the GeForce GTX 1650 Super GPU, so a nice entry level.

The 15.6-inch IdeaPad Gaming 3 will be available in black or white. The keyboard of the black model has white backlight, while the keyboard of the white version will have blue backlight. Unlike more expensive gaming laptops which sometimes offer highly customizable multi-color lighting. AMD configurations will arrive in May, starting at $ 930. Intel setups will start at $ 990 in April. These prices are converted to around £ 695 and £ 740 or AU 1,300 and AU 1,380.

The 16-inch version will only be available in black with white backlighting, but Lenovo says there will be an optional four-zone RGB backlit keyboard, providing some of that customization. The 16-inch IdeaPad Gaming 3i will be available from $ 1,490, while the AMD version will cost around $ 1,140. Both are expected in June.

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