Repair workshops can fix iPhone Face ID problems without replacing the entire device


Patrick Holland / topwatchbest

If you’ve walked into a gadget repair shop to fix your iPhone’s FaceID cameras, you probably had to replace the entire phone – but they might soon be able to access Apple parts and return the same device with a simple repair.

Apple will soon provide authorized repairers and individuals with access to the TrueDepth camera parts that iPhones use for Face ID, according to note seen by MacRumors. Stores can replace a part instead of the entire phone, which will help reduce the carbon footprint of every iPhone.

Only the iPhone XS and newer Apple phones will be eligible for repair, according to MacRumors, despite Face ID’s debut on the iPhone X.

It is unclear when this new repair option will be available, but the report only mentioned allowing access to authorized repairers, not to people who will be able to repair their own iPhones once Apple’s DIY Repair Program announced in November last year. Self-service repair, as it is called, allows customers to buy parts from Apple and download official repair manuals online, but it was unclear how many components and processes would be available and it was possible parts for a TrueDepth camera would not be included.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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