Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4: Seeming leak suggests a price hike

Upcoming Samsung Assembling the Galaxy Z 4 and Invert 4 phones can surge in price if you believe the information posted on Twitter.

The next line of Samsung foldable materials will be revealed on August 10 at the company’s headquarters The galaxy is unpacked cabinet. According to Wednesday from Steve Hemmerstoffer, whose Twitter signboard is OnLeaks, both foldable phones can count on a price increase.

The published prices are in Euros and show an increase on all devices. Last year’s base Fold 3 started in € 1695. This year, Hemmerstoffer says the price will go up to 1,799 euros (around $ 1,840) for the 256GB version, a 6% increase in price. The 512GB model will cost 1,919 euros (approximately $ 1,963), according to disclosed data. Conversion to dollars is done based on the applicable exchange rate.

The Invert 3 started in € 999 last year. If the Hemmerstoffer numbers are correct, the Z Flip 4 128GB model will cost 1,109 euros (about $ 1,136), an 11% increase over the price of the previous phone. The 256 GB model is expected to cost 1,169 euros (around $ 1,198).

Supposedly Galaxy watch 5 he will also allegedly see a price increase from 309 euros to 329 euros (around $ 337) for the basic 44mm model, which would be another 6% increase. According to OnLeaks, the 4G model will cost € 379 or $ 388, while the supposedly upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 Pro 45mm will start at € 469 ($ 481) and cost € 499 ($ ​​511) with 4G.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The rise in composite prices can be linked to many of the global supply chain problems that the world is currently facing supply-side inflation. Manufacturing problems caused by the pandemic make parts difficult to access. With increased demand and small supply, the cost of components does increased. For example, while global PC shipments fell 3% in the first quarter of 2022, PC revenue increased by 15%which suggests that PC manufacturers earn more by selling fewer products.

Here is a breakdown how to watch Samsung’s Unpacked event next week.

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