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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Rumors: What We’ve Heard So Far

Assembling the Galaxy Z 3

Patrick Holland / topwatchbest

Foldable Samsung tablet sized phone, Galaxy Fold 3is the newest bendy phone from the company, next to the flip Galaxy Z Flap 3. But 2022 is likely to bring more foldable smartphone enhancements in the form of the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 4. As we wait for the next foldable phone to arrive, we are gathering the most credible rumors to put together what might be in the store.

Here’s what we’ve heard about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 so far in terms of price, new features, and perhaps specs. We will update this story as new information becomes available.

Design: The Galaxy Z Fold 4 does not have a slot for the S Pen stylus

We have no doubts that the Galaxy Fold line is an extraordinary showcase of technology and innovation. But there’s only one thing: Samsung’s premium foldable design is not? inherently practical, as, say, Galaxy Z Flap 3 or even the Galaxy Note series. For example, in the Galaxy Fold 3 there was no S Pen slot, and according to rumors, there will also be no S Pen holder in its successor. For those who use it, you’ll still have to find a way to safely take your Samsung stylus with you.

We keep our fingers crossed that those who leaked were terribly wrong. We’d love to see the mount on the Galaxy Fold 4, and even better, perhaps see a way to magnetically attach the S Pen to the Fold 3 hinge in the same way that you can attach an Apple Pencil to an iPad Pro.


The Galaxy Note series was the first Samsung line to receive the S Pen.

Angela Lang / topwatchbest

But the Galaxy Fold 4 can shake up the dual-sided fingerprint reader

Samsung has introduced a fingerprint sensor to its foldable phone via the Galaxy Fold 3, where it sits on the right side of the handset. Accessible whether the device is folded or open, it can also function as a power button.

However, according to a Dutch publication, this fingerprint reader may be on the move Lets go digitaland can be placed under the screen. A Dutch publication referred to a patent filed by Samsung last March to confirm the claim, saying the company plans to recycle the fingerprint reader so that it can be used as a dual-sided fingerprint sensor that can be used for a screen protector (when the handset is folded up) and also when unfolded to a tablet-sized device. The report says that on the cover screen it can apparently be used from the bottom center of the display, and when unfolded it will be in the center of the bottom of the left screen.

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Cameras: The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have cameras below the display on the case and on the internal screens

The Galaxy Fold 3 also made its debut as a camera under the display in the Samsung foldable phone range. It is located below the large internal display and is one of the five cameras in the device. Rumors have it that the Galaxy Fold 4 will also rely on five cameras, but this time there will be two cameras under the display, at least according to one Korean leakwhich follows the handle yeux1122.

This is another rumor that I hope is untrue (unless Samsung drastically improves its technology) as the camera under the Galaxy Fold 3’s display was its weakest link when it comes to the camera. According Galaxy Fold 3 review by Patrick Holland of topwatchbest, the indoor selfies looked “highly processed” and even the outdoor shots in good lighting did not look any better.

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Price: Galaxy Fold 4 can be cheaper

Many of the famous foldable materials on the market today are available for close to $ 2,000, which is well over the budget of the average buyer. If Samsung and its rivals want their flexible devices to burst into the mainstream in style, one of the main things that will have to change is price. And this can happen if the rumors are true.

According to the same Korean leak, the price of the Galaxy Fold 4 will drop. The leak did not provide any more details. Following the Fold line’s achievements so far, there is a reasonable chance that Fold 4 will not cause as much sticker shock as some of its predecessors. Although the Fold 3 is the most expensive phone Samsung has released this year, it still has a welcome drop in price from last year’s Fold 2 and the original 2019 Collapse. Fold 3 is available at a starting price of $ 1,800 in the US, which is a welcome $ 200 cut over the starting price of Folda 2. In the UK, the Z Fold 3 will start at ¬£ 1,599 for the 256GB variant, while in Australia it will start from $ 2,499. this Meanwhile, the launch price of the Z Flip 3 has dropped by almost $ 400.

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