Slack Huddles get video, multiplayer screen sharing, and other useful new features

Slack introduces some new features to it audio collaboration toolincluding video and multi-person screen sharing. In my the annual Slack Frontiers conference On Wednesday, the company announced that Huddles’ new features are designed to recreate the “energy and camaraderie” of working with colleagues in the offices while facing the “new reality of work”.

Slack said Huddles will only run with audio by default, but people will have the option to turn on video. The video feature will offer a background blur option for those working from home or needing more privacy. Another upcoming feature, multiple people will be able to share their screen simultaneously during Chat. People will also be able to “draw or use live cursors” on teammates’ shared screens to help “highlight certain points or visuals,” said Slack.

In addition to video and screen sharing, chats will also get a new message thread feature to keep track of whatever has been shared in the chat as well as emoticonmessage responsive effects and stickers.

Slack said the new feature will be available in the fall.

The company also announced the launch on Wednesday GovSlack, version of his office chat and collaboration tool, designed to meet the “unique challenges” of government agencies. The GovSlack, which was announced in September, will be available in the US from July.

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