Spotify: 10 Features That Make Listening Easier and Better

Music in the Spotify app

Changing these settings in the Spotify app can save you money, improve sound, and more.

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Spotify has over 406 million users around the world who enjoy a wide variety of music artists as well as a great selection of audio and video podcasts.

If you’ve only listened to music or podcasts on the Spotify mobile app and never changed your settings, you’re missing out on features that can improve your listening experience.

Here are 10 Spotify features in the mobile app that you can use to get the most out of the service.

Find artist radio page

Did you know there’s an easier way to find an artist’s radio playlist instead of searching their Spotify page? Open the artist’s page or album, tap the three-dot settings button next to it To track button. On the next page, tap Go to the radioand you will be taken to this artist’s radio playlist.

Use Data Saver

Spotify Data Saver is one way to save money while using the app. To turn on Data Saver, open the Spotify app, touch the button gear icon and tap Data Saver. You can set the audio quality to low or stream audio from video podcasts when you’re not using Wi-Fi. There is also an option to download audio only from video podcasts to save memory on your phone.

Enable offline mode

Offline mode can be good if you’re running out of data on your cellular plan or if you just want to listen to what you’ve downloaded. To turn on offline mode, open the Spotify app, tap gear icon, tap Playback and Offline will be an option at the top of the menu. When enabled, premium members will be able to listen to downloaded songs and podcasts, and free users will be able to listen to downloaded podcasts.

Enable Gapless Playback

Gaps between songs can be annoying. I turn on Playback without interruption can make songs in a playlist or album overlap, making you feel like a constant flow of music from your favorite DJ. To turn it on, open the Spotify app, tap gear icon, tap Playback and tap Playback without interruption. Above Playback without interruptionthere is Penetration a slider that allows you to adjust the degree of overlap between songs. Choose one second to overlap or 12 seconds to listen as one song spins while the other spins.

Manage autoplay of similar songs

If the album or playlist you are listening to comes to an end, Automatic play will play songs similar to the finished album or playlist. This feature is turned on automatically, but to turn it off or on again, open the Spotify app by tap gear icon, tap Playback and scroll down to Automatic play. You will see the options On this device and On other devices under Automatic play. If this option is enabled, you may start to hear Chance the Rapper or Mac Miller after you finish the Action Bronson album. If disabled, music stops when album ends. Autoplay works whether you are shuffling an album or playlist or playing it directly. This feature won’t work if you’re using Spotify’s repeat feature for albums or playlists.

Turn on voice commands

Siri or Alexa voice commands are a convenient hands-free way to get things done, and you can use them on Spotify. To enable voice commands, open the Spotify app, tap gear icon, tap Voice interactions and tap “Hey Spotify.” After you allow the app to use the microphone, you can say commands such as “Hey Spotify, play Dolly Parton” or “Hey Spotify, next song”. To turn off voice commands, open the Spotify app, tap gear icon and tap Voice interactions. In the menu, tap Hey Spotify to disable this feature. Then tap Microphone permissions to go to your phone’s settings to prevent Spotify from accessing your phone’s microphone.

Users of iOS 13 and above can also use Siri to control Spotify. To use Siri with Spotify, download and sign in to the Spotify app, and then say, “Hey Siri, play Willie Nelson on Spotify” from any screen. Siri will ask for permission to access Spotify, but after granting permission, you can start playing music hands-free without entering the Spotify app.

Manage app notifications

Spotify can send you push alerts or email notifications for things like new music from the artists you follow, virtual or personal concerts from your favorite artists, or other Spotify messages. They turn on automatically, but if you want to turn them off, open the Spotify app, tap gear icon and tap Notifications at the bottom of the menu. In the next menu, you’ll see options like Recommended music and New Music. Select the options you want to disable and you will be able to disable push and / or email notifications.

Start a private session

Spotify makes recommendations based on what users are listening to. If you want to listen to Jonas Brothers, a sinful pleasure that you would never tell anyone, without recommending 5 Seconds of Summer, start Private session. To do this, open Spotify, tap gear icon and tap Social. A private session will be the best option. Now you can listen without worrying about unwanted recommendations.

Adjust the sound quality

The Spotify app also lets you adjust the basic volume, sound quality, and even access an equalizer. Changing these settings can improve the sound quality in any situation. Check the details of the topwatchbest article how to change these settings.

Reorder your playlists

If you’re still creating and losing playlists, Spotify makes it easy to organize and rearrange your playlists. The application allows you to sort your playlists by Recently played, Recently added, Alphabetical and Creator. You can also create Customers order, but you have to do it on the desktop. Check out the topwatchbest article on How to reorder Spotify playlists.

To learn more about Spotify, read on how to find words for what’s playing on Spotify or check out the refurbished Spotify project.

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