TCL unveils the full range of phones and presents folded concepts for MWC 2022



TCL on Sunday unveiled the full range of phones and tablets to be released this year, and new folding concepts that herald new types of devices that we can see in the years to come.

After rejecting the TCL 30V 5G midrange and the inexpensive TCL 30 XE 5G at CES, the company announced five other phones at Mobile World Congress. They all have large screens and high-definition cameras at affordable prices, and will hit the market first in Europe and then in select regions.

The TCL 30 5G is just one of the new phones that connects to 5G networks and is the most expensive in this group at € 249 (around $ 279). But otherwise, they don’t differ terribly from each other, with one or two significant changes. For example, the TCL 30 has 64GB of memory and a standard front camera, while the TCL 30 Plus has 128GB of memory and a 13MP ultra wide angle selfie camera.

TCL 30, 30 Plus and 30 5G all have a 6.7 inch AMOLED display. If you want a smaller phone, go for the nearly identical TCL 30 SE with a 6.52-inch screen. Most TCL 30 series phones have a triple rear camera with 50MP main shooter, ultra wide angle and macro. The most affordable TCL 30E model at 139 euros (around $ 155) only has two rear cameras, losing out on its ultra-wide.

Customers are unlikely to choose between all of these phones as availability will vary by country. Already announced TCL 30V 5G is available exclusively from Verizonfor example, while the only T-Mobile sells the TCL 30 XE 5G.

TCL’s three new tablets at MWC start with TCL Nxtpaper Max 10. Successor original Nxtpaper includes an updated screen with a paper-like texture and stylus support. The other two tablets are the TCL 10HD 4G with a 10-inch display and LTE connectivity, and the TCL Tab 10s 5G, an inexpensive 10.1-inch tablet that can connect to 5G networks. Like phones, tablets will be released in the coming weeks and months.

TCL also took a look at two possible future device designs with a few foldable concepts. While neither are developed enough to work with the operating system, both of the foldable concepts that TCL has shown have working displays.

TCL introduced the first of these concepts, Fold n ‘Roll, last yearand now we can see the complex and flexible screen of the device in action. There are still issues with the format before it can go any further, such as preventing dirt and dust from being tracked on your phone while the screen is rolling up.

Another concept is the 360 ​​degree design that folds out completely flat and goes even further until it closes with the inside out. Stefan Streit, general manager of global marketing at TCL, the phone company, explained that the company favors the 360 ​​design because it is a single display, which can be cheaper than having both internal and external screens.

TCL shelved its first foldable, foldable Chicago design last year as it was unable to make the device cheap enough to sell under the $ 700 price it chose to manufacture or break. Fold n ‘Roll and TCL 360 may be more expensive, but Streit declined to quote the price it would either have to reach for TCL to go green.

Both concepts are arguably far from ready to turn into a major product, but it is encouraging to watch TCL follow suit Samsung’s folded concepts at CES 2022 in the dream of what devices we could see next.

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