The best Apple watch straps for 2022

While every Apple Watch has its own band, why settle for the basic one when there are thousands of options? The new band is a smart way to transform your Apple Watch into a personal accessory, not just a technique, and there are ones that suit any lifestyle. Whether you are looking for something durable and durable or elegant and stylish, this list will help you find the best Apple Watch strap for your needs. Seriously, do you have new ones Apple Watch Series 7 (which is already on sale) or Apple Watch SEthere is a perfect watch strap for you.

There are tons of options for Apple Watch bands, with different options to suit different needs and sizes of watches. So what kind of look do you want to achieve? You can choose the right nylon belt for the office or a leather loop with a modern buckle, a bracelet worthy of a ballroom, a sporty loop made of soft silicone or a durable woven nylon strap. Hell, there are even options in Italian leather and rose gold if you like. Different watch straps also have different closures, so if you’re looking for a stainless steel buckle or a magnetic clasp, chances are they exist. Here are some of the best Apple Watch bands. We update this list periodically as we test further.

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The Apple Watch Sport Loop, an official Apple accessory, has a double-layer nylon construction for extra cushion and comfort, making it perfect for a multitude of activities and all-day wear. The nylon is breathable, so you can wear this sporty Apple Loop from your morning workout to your morning meeting. This Apple Watch strap also comes in many colors so there’s something for everyone. This is one of the best Apple Watch bands. In addition to the sports loop, there are also the Apple Sports Headband, Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sports Loop available in various color options.


A protective case and band kit are a smart option for anyone who wears an Apple Watch for any kind of physical work, intense weight training, outdoor activities like rock climbing, or any other activity that could damage your watch.

This protective Apple Watch band comes with Casewhich has been providing quality for a long time iPhone protective case. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro can also be used as a case that can be worn over an Apple Watch to provide cushioning, and the raised bezel acts as a screen protector, helping to avoid damage and scratching the screen.


There are lots of silicone Apple Watch bands out there, but not many with this thick, textured pattern. The silicone on the tire tread on this Carterjett band makes it perfect for people who need durability in the band, and the durable aesthetics are a bonus for those who like to spend time outdoors or are adventurous. This watch strap is available in a variety of color options ranging from small to extra large.


Apple produces its own package leather Apple Watch strapsbut the cheapest models of leather wristbands start at $ 99 and the rest (especially those Hermès wristbands) are so expensive the stickers shock most people. While I’m the last one to say $ 70 is inexpensive for a watch strap, the modern Nomad strap, made from Horween leather, still helps you save when compared to Apple Watch leather straps. This leather option is still high-quality, highly rated and offers a comfortable fit. Bonded here is a genuine leather Apple Watch strap in a rustic brown color with matte black hardware, but this leather strap it comes in other colorsalso.

Harber London

If you want the Apple Watch strap to match your formal look, the Harber London Modern Leather strap won’t disappoint. It is made of grain leather which ages beautifully, gaining a unique patina over time. The leather strap is compatible with all Apple Watch and comes in three colors: brown, black and dark brown.

Palmetto wristbands

These handmade Apple Watch elastic bands are springy and flexible. They come in fun, bright colors and are easy to slip on and off your wrist without having to fasten or unfasten. If you work a lot at the computer and find that the metal clasps get in the way of your wrist, an elastic band can eliminate this problem as they are soft and smooth all the time.

The salty United States

For those looking to stick with the classic, simple look of a smartwatch, we recommend nylon. This woven style can be extremely durable and long lasting if you choose the right brand. Salty USA, a Utah-based Apple accessories manufacturing company, offers affordable woven nylon Apple Watch straps in two sizes (38/40 mm and 42/44 mm) and available in more than 20 colors.


Many people, especially those with smaller wrists, find most watch straps too wide or too thick. If you want to wear a thin band, try a Secbolt leather watch strap that has earned the Amazon’s Choice label. This leather strap is available in over 20 colors and designs, and the brand comes with a one-year full warranty so you can shop with confidence. Genuine leather wrist strap with fine stitching fits easily to small wrists, and the leather strap can be adjusted to your wrist size thanks to the stainless steel buckle.

Epic watch straps

If you have large wrists or long or muscular shoulders, you may find that many watch straps look strangely petty on you – or don’t fit at all. Epic Bands solves this problem with adjustable stainless steel bands that can be adjusted to any wrist size. The band itself is already quite strong (Epic Bands even explains that customers with smaller wrists may not like this band) and fits wrists up to 8.7 inches (220mm) unchanged. If you want the strap to fit a larger wrist, you can purchase extra links to keep the watch strap as long as you need.


Are you looking for an elegant steel upgrade to the primary silicone strap that your Apple Watch came with? Try a stainless steel watch strap – in combination with an analog watch face, your smartwatch can look as classic as a high-end designer watch on your wrist. This stainless Kades headband has a brushed metal finish that looks just as great in a casual outfit as it is in a formal one.


Again, Apple’s official Apple Watch bands aren’t cheap, but some are worth the price. The popular Milanese Loop is a great choice when you want something more professional than silicone but don’t like a leather strap. Milanese Loop has a woven pattern. This Apple Watch strap is made of stainless steel in rose gold, silver or black for a flexible fit and a comfortable yet durable band that can be worn with professional clothing.


You can certainly find rubber watchbands on Amazon for less than $ 49 (official Apple Watch straps aren’t the cheapest), but I urge buyers to be cautious if they plan on wearing the watchband during high intensity, sweaty workouts. If you like to jump into the gym, consider a sports headband created in collaboration with one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear in the world.

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