The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 is only $ 55 for the Refurb model at Best Buy

The Galaxy Buds 2 are available in four different colors, including lavender.

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Samsung Galactic Buds 2 list of true wireless earbuds for $ 150 and currently sold for $ 110 at Amazon. But if you’re looking to get them even cheaper, Best Buy is running a sale of Geek Squad-certified refurbished units with a ghostly black color selling for $ 55. In my experience, Geek Squad certified refurbishments are difficult to distinguish from new models, but the product may not ship in its original packaging. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 15 days.

and Rated Samsung’s latest active noise canceling earbuds from last year are robust and have a more compact design that should fit comfortably and securely in most ears. They come in four colors, and while there are nice discounts on the White, Graphite, Lavender, and Olive (Refurbished) versions, the best deal is on Phantom Black (previously, graphite was cheapest at $ 60).

Note that the revised step-up Galaxy Buds Pro are on sale for just $ 67 at Best Buy. Galaxy Buds Pro sound better, reduce noise better, and offer some features that Buds 2 lacks. But many people prefer to fit the Galaxy Buds 2. You can read my full Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review here.

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The Galaxy Buds 2 is Samsung’s best tiny earbuds


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