The Samsung OLED TV arrives to challenge LG and Sony, starting at $ 2,200


The Samsung OLED TV uses the new QD-OLED display technology.


It took a while, but Samsung OLED TV is officially official. The Korean electronics giant, which has been the number one TV market leader in the world for more than a decade, has given its new OLED TV a name, price and release date. The S95B series will be available in 55-inch for $ 2,200 and 65-inch for $ 3,000, and the now available for pre-sale to be shipped in April.

The elusive high-end television filmed for the first time stealth look at CES 2022but Samsung has so far not confirmed any details. Uses an completely new QD-OLED panelwhich promises better colors, brightness and viewing angles compared to standard OLED TVs which currently provide the best picture quality available.

The new panel technology may mean the new king of TV picture quality, but as always in the world of television, competition is tough. First, Sony has already beaten Samsung with its own A QD-OLED TV, A95K that looks impressive. There is also LG that has been selling OLED TVs for several years and has new models using standard OLED panels and promising better brightness than ever.

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Samsung QD Display combines OLED dots and quantum dots


I do not have I have already checked any of these TVs but from what I’ve seen so far on Sony and LG, the Samsung S95B does its job. The current picture quality on OLED televisions is already so good that it can be difficult to convince high-end buyers to pay extra for a special QD sauce. LG and Sony have yet to announce pricing, but I’d be surprised if LG didn’t cut the S95B down by a few hundred dollars with the new C2 and G2 models – which also come in a much wider range of sizes than QD-OLED TVs, starting at 42 and ending on 97 inches.

Then comes the naming issue. Announcing QD-OLED technology at CES, sister company Samsung Display called it “QD Display,” but the official name is simpler. “Since the term OLED is now widely accepted and understood, Samsung has opted for the” Samsung OLED TV “nomenclature to avoid confusion among consumers,” a Samsung representative said.


In this Samsung lifestyle photo, the S95B looks slightly larger than 65 inches, which is its true largest size.


I’m for simplicity, but Samsung does too a stunning variety of televisions without OLED under the QLED brand and are very different from OLED. It will be fascinating to see how TV customers respond to all the new selections, and I can’t wait to check out the new TVs soon.

Update, March 18: A representative of Samsung tells topwatchbest that the pre-sale prices on the S95B have been “adjusted”. The 55-inch costs $ 2,200 ($ 200 less than Samsung indicated on Thursday), and the 65-inch costs $ 3,000 ($ 500 less). This story has been updated accordingly.

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