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Tennis shoes, smiley face, racket, noodles, are you right?

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Text is rarely just text these days. When the emojis appeared smartphones over the past 10 years they have given us a new language to communicate full of smiles, winks and hearts. The emoji can trace its roots back to emoticons from the early 1980s – if you are old enough to remember life before smartphones, you probably used an emoticon πŸ™‚ consisting of a colon, a dash and a closing parenthesis. Emoji, however, are huge sets of characters available through iOSAndroid, Windows and MacOS.

Some use emoji sparingly in messages, while others have almost mastered communication and can use them like modern-day hieroglyphs.

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“πŸ˜ƒ” or “❀️” are fairly simple to understand, but what does “πŸ‘ πŸ¦ πŸ”” mean? Over time, emoji meanings have become subjective depending on the context of the message and broader cultural trends.


There is an emoticon for almost everything.


What do an inverted face indicates? Which emoji with a sticking out tongue is the least weird? Does the peach emoji actually mean fruit already? Here’s how to find out what an emoticon means … everything 3.633 of them.

Your guide to emoji meanings: Emojipedia

Emojipedia this is, well, an online emoji encyclopedia. The site sorts emoticons into eight categories, including smileys and people, objects, activity, and more. Clicking on a category such as smileys and people will open a specific list of emoticons, including what you guessed it would be emoticons and people, as well as families, hand gestures, clothes, and accessories.

If you click “πŸ˜…” (smiling sweaty face), for example, Emojipedia will give a short description of the emoji, what it means when it became the official emoji and other possible names for it.

“[It’s] intended to visualize nerves or discomfort, but commonly used to express a close connection as if it were saying, “Phew! and wiping the sweat from your forehead, ”says Emojipedia with a smiling face made of sweat emoji.

Emojipedia will also show different art styles for each emoji on different platforms as characters often look different depending on the device. You’ll also get shortcuts to Github and Slack as needed.


Is the text message complete without emoticons?

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What are the most popular emojis?

While you can have your own emojis, according to Emojipedia, these are the most popular emojis coming in April:

How often are new emotes added across platforms?

this Unicode Standard – universal character encoding standard – responsible for creating new emoticons. But anyone can submit an idea for the new emoji. The most recent batch of emoji has been released with Emoticons 14.0 in September 2021; Apples iOS 15.4 is the latest update introducing new emojis for all users. It included 37 new emotesincluding a melting face, two hands forming the shape of a heart and a troll.

So these people are serious about emojis?

You could say it. Emojipedia even organizes World Emoji Awards every July 17. In 2021, all emojis approved in 2020 were eligible. The winners were selected by popular vote on Twitter. Awards are given for Most Popular New Emoji and Most Awaited Emoji. In 2021, the most anticipated emoji award went to melting face for example, emoji.

In 2021, Emojipedia asked users to decide which emojis best represent the year. People could vote and follow in brackets in a March madness style. The emoji was victorious syringe emoji (πŸ’‰) representing optimism about vaccines. He took second place microbe emoji (🦠) for the coronavirus pandemic.

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