Verizon will have more C-Band 5G this year following new deals with satellite companies


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Verizon’s latest 5G update just got another boost. The largest wireless operator in the country on Monday announced that he has reached agreements with satellite companies that enable him to access more The spectrum in the C band This year.

Later fight with airlines and the aviation industry, Verizon began rolling out the medium C-band (part of what it calls the “5G Ultra Wideband”) in January. The carrier now covers over 100 million people with faster 5G waves, which it believes can deliver an average download speed of 300Mbps (with 1Gbps peaks) up to those with compatible devices and one of the more expensive, current unlimited data plans. It is also available to those using Verizon’s 5G home internet service.

During the annual investor day earlier this month, the company updated its network construction goals and announced that: aimed at reaching 175 million people with faster 5G flavors in 2022.

While the carrier has revealed no expansion in this figure, Monday’s announcement says it is accessing more spectrum faster than originally planned. The company previously aimed to be able to use this spectrum in late 2023 after spend $ 53 billion on hijacking radio waves last year.

On Monday, the Luxembourg satellite company SES announced he would get $ 170 million from Verizon for cleaning up some C-band resources faster.

Current C-band users need to free up the band before wireless companies can start offering 5G services over radio waves. The original C-band auction rules issued by the FCC required incumbent C-band holders to remove some of the spectrum by December last year, and the second settlement phase was to take place by December 5, 2023.

Verizon says the additional spectrum will improve “at least 30 additional major market areas” including Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, DC and Denver.

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