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Zoom Overload: A counter-intuitive solution that I swear to focus on in meetings

Sarah Tew / topwatchbest

If you work in remote or hybrid workYour daily plan of the day is probably filled with conversations on Zoom or similar application for videoconferencing. Despite the Homework has its advantages, meetings one by one often lead to sitting frozen and glazed for hours. (Zoom fatigue) is real!)

I spent a large chunk of my studies online due to the pandemic – it’s fair to say if I had a dollar for every minute I spent MagnificationI wouldn’t be here for this article. I was sitting in my bedroom watching an online lecture after an online lecture. For me, the simple act of focus has turned into a hard fight. How many people I am a driller. And to actually assimilate the material, I had to develop a strategy other than furious note-taking and willingness to do so. just focus.

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Get into browser games. It was during a particularly terrible attack of inattention that I stumbled upon some of the old browser game sites I visited in my high school Chromebook. As I figured it out, something strange happened: my brain went back to the lecture and I started processing the professor’s words properly. Sitting in class was like listening to an interesting podcast. I was no longer seeded, finally tuned in and ready to learn.

So now, in my mostly remote work, that’s my strategy. When logging in for a long meeting, I also open a second window. (Or if I want to be able to look at the Zoom call, I will split screen on my macbook.) In my second window, I open one of these games. They’re just mindless enough for me to devote my full attention to the conversation, and they’re engaged enough that I have an effective way to fidget.

Hopefully these free games will make virtual meetings a bit more bearable. But if not, you can always choose the path taken by topwatchbest’s Jesse Orrall i stealthily automate your presence in video calls. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. it was the starting point when i was a bored high school student and i still play shamelessly. In this game, you are a cute little snake and your goal is to crawl and devour the glowing dots. The catch is that in order to survive, you have to avoid collisions with other hundreds of players online at any time. And believe me, these other snakes come after you with vengeance. I never got into the leaderboard that displays the top 10 players, but I will get there one day.

Note that this is similar to Agar.iobut the graphics are a bit more legible and there are no ads.


Mary King


If you are a fan of nice colors, Thisissan this is your game. Just choose a color, click and move the cursor. Vibrant “sand” pixels will fly down and gather below. It’s like the digital version of these childhood sand drawing kits. You can use the palette to choose any shade imaginable, or you can create a gradient sand that fades into other colors.

Usually I just do some abstract pyramids but more artistic people did impressive work. Once you’re done with your masterpiece, you can download it as a JPEG file and set it as your desktop background – or Zoom in on the background? – to show off your artistry.


Mary King

Dinosaur game without internet

If you are using Google Chrome, you may have come across this browser by accident. The “you’re offline” page in Chrome has a runner game built in, so if you don’t have one browsing with uneven Wi-Fimay appear from time to time. In the game, you are a pixelated dinosaur running across an endless desert landscape, jumping over clumps of cacti and avoiding pterodactyls. The game starts easily, but as you progress, the obstacles appear faster and faster.

You can go to the original game at any time by turning off Wi-Fi, trying to load a website in Chrome, and pressing the spacebar – but that will also close the Zoom meeting. However, people created workarounds. Someone has built browser extension which allows you to play the game in the corner of the screen. There are also little replicas online. If you need to wake up a bit during a long meeting, this is a great option.

However, remember that this game generates a lot of sound effects. Check out our guide to muting individual browser tabs so frequent hums and squeals don’t drive you crazy.


Mary King


The line rider allows you to free your inner architect. Or an engineer. Or any profession would be really good at drawing colored lines and sending a little guy on a sled to ride. When a rider falls off the track you created, he descends into a bottomless void. It’s cleansing to watch.


Mary King

Weaving silk

Weaving silk is similar to Thisissan in the sense that it is less a game and a more slick digital art tool, but it produces even more spectacular results with even less skill. You just drag the cursor and watch the blooming symmetrical shapes develop. “It looks like a demon ultrasound,” my partner remarked, looking over my shoulder at my handiwork.


Mary King

retro style ping pong

Your working day could use a good old fashioned Atari Pong, kind of retro tennis match where you throw the ball back and forth with another player. Someone has coded a solid single-player version that you have access to no ads on CodePen. For a more advanced selection of gameplay settings, such as the difficulty level and the ability to play with a keyboard or mouse, there is whole website dedicated to Pong.


Mary King

For another way to minimize distractions, take a look at our guide on using the Focus Assist setting in Windows 11. If you have an iPhone iOS also offers a focus mode it’s basically a Do Not Disturb on steroids. Do you mind seeing your own face in Zoom? Here’s how hide your own viewwhich can help fight fatigue Zoom.

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